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2009 National Football League Season

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nfl logoWe are very excited to welcome you to the 2009 NFL Season, here at USAPlayers.comĀ  We know that you are ready for some pigskin, and maybe we can help feed your addiction, until you can get a taste of the real action. We aim to provide you with terrific resources, which will aid you in your NFL Weekly Betting. We are devoting many man hours to help assemble a complete Preview of the 2009 NFL Season, which is accurate, as well as helpful. We know that if you use these resources, you can't help but to have a better idea of what to expect this season, on the field, and from a betting standpoint. Doing your homework, is the best way to win more, than you lose, on all your NFL Wagering, don't let this go to waste.

Professional Football is absolutely the biggest sport in the United States. Every year, it generates over $1 Billion in revenue. The reason they can do this, is because of you, the fan. With exorbitant ticket prices, and a struggling economy, the NFL will likely see a decline, in attendance, but it should definitely not affect television viewers. If anything, it may help them. The NFL gets huge numbers from television audiences, and has only been helped with the DirecTV exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket, which features every game. Since the advent of this package, Betting on the NFL has undoubted increased, as bettors are able to monitor games, that are not in their market. Although the NFL will not admit to it, Betting on NFL games has really helped shoot the sport into the stratosphere. Millions of fans do it every year, and there is no risk when betting at our approved Online Sportsbooks.

super bowl xliiiThe 2008 season went out with bang, in what was one of the best Super Bowls of all time. The last two years, we have been treated to some exciting championship games, and if Super Bowl XLIV is anything like the previous two, we are in for something fantastic. Earlier this year, last season, the Pittsburgh Steeler were able to beat the Arizona Cardinals, in the closing seconds of Super Bowl XLIII. One of the best finishes ever seen, comparable to 2007, when the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots, ruining the Patriots perfect season, and ripping the crown, all at the same time. When you get games like these, you are bound to attract a ton of attention, as if the Super Bowl didn't need it anyway. It's never too early to think about the NFL postseason, like NFL Playoffs Betting, as well as Betting on Super Bowl XLIV, as future odds super bowl xlivare already out, for all 32 teams. Bettors can find Super Bowl XLIV Odds for their team, Conference Championship Odds, and Division Championship Odds. You should definitely check them out, you may be surprised at what you will find! A word of advice, before you place any NFL Future Bets you must look at our review of the 2009 NFL Strength of Schedule. Obviously, the harder the schedule, the less likely a team will win it all, though it is possible.

Among the resources offered here in our 2009 NFL Preview are previews, and draft recaps, of all 32 NFL franchises. In addition, we have previewed all the divisions, in both the NFC and AFC, as well as complete previews of the AFC and NFC Conferences. Every week we will update our injury report, as well as stats from weekly leaders, and season leaders. Also, each one of us, from the, will give our picks for Super Bowl XLIV. We know we will have everything you need, to make educated bets on NFL games.

2009 NFL Playoffs

Wildcard Playoffs
1/9/2010 - New York Jets 24 vs. Cincinnati Bengals 14 Final
1/9/2010 - Philadelphia Eagles 14 vs. Dallas Cowboys 34 Final
1/10/2010 - Baltimore Ravens 33 vs. New England Patriots 14 Final
1/10/2010 - Green Bay Packers 45 vs. Arizona Cardinals 51 F/OT
Divisional Playoffs
1/16/2010 - Arizona Cardinals 14 vs. New Orleans Saints 45 Final
1/16/2010 - Baltimore Ravens 3 vs. Indianapolis Colts 20 Final
1/17/2010 - Dallas Cowboys 3 vs. Minnesota Vikings 34 Final
1/17/2010 - New York Jets 17 vs. San Diego Chargers 14 Final
Conference Championships
1/24/2010 @ 3:00PM - New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts
1/24/2010 @ 6:40PM - Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints
Super Bowl XLIV
2/7/2010 @ 6:00PM - NFC Champion vs. AFC Champion

2009 NFL Season Preview

If you are as excited as we are about the start of the 2009 NFL Season, then jump all over our 2009 NFL Season Preview and previews of NFL teams. Get an edge on your friends, by reading our pages we have here. With the knowledge we offer, and our perspectives, you could stand to benefit by earn large chunks of money, by Wagering on NFL Games.

2009 NFL Team Season Previewsnfl team previewsBefore you can bet with any kind of confidence, on a team to win the Super Bowl, you are going to need to consult our 2009 NFL Team Previews. Most experienced bettors, tend to want to do research, before risking their, unless they are a rabid fans of their team. In our 2009 NFL Team Previews, you will find a complete rundown of everything the team has done in the off-season. This ranges from free agent aquisitions, 2009 NFL Draft results, and losses from 2008 rosters. As we review all 32 NFL teams, we will be adding depth charts, and final rosters, before the 2009 NFL Season begins. For betting purposes, you will find not only the 2008 NFL season records, but records of how the team did against the NFL Points Spreads, NFL Moneylines, and the NFL Total Bets. Knowing how a team performs against the spread, is the first step to becoming succesful at NFL Wagering.

AFC Team Previews
NFC Team Previews
Bears Team Previews Jaguars Team Previews 49ers Team Previews Lions Team Preview
Bills Team Previews Jets Team Previews Bears Team Preview Packers Team Preview
Broncos Team Previews Patriots Team Previews Bucs Team Preview Panthers Team Preview
Browns Team Previews Raiders Team Previews Cardinals Team Preview Rams Team Preview
Chargers Team Previews Ravens Team Previews Cowboys Team Preview Redskins Team Preview
Chiefs Team Previews Steelers Team Previews Eagles Team Preview Seahawks Team Preview
Colts Team Previews Texans Team Previews Falcons Team Preview Saints Team Preview
Dolphins Team Previews Titans Team Previews Giants Team Preview Vikings Team Preview

2009 NFL Conference Previews

You will also find that we not only have team previews, of all 32 NFL teams, but we also have previews of all divisions, as well as both the AFC and NFC. We will break down all of the 2009 NFL Conference Previews in the AFC North, AFC South, AFC East, and AFC West. The same goes for all divisions in the NFC, including the vaunted NFC East. If they got bets for them, we are going to do our best to have the resource you need.

AFC Conference Preview NFC Conference Preview
2009 AFC North Preview 2009 NFC North Preview
2009 AFC East Preview 2009 NFC East Preview
2009 AFC South Preview 2009 NFC South Preview
2009 AFC West Preview 2009 NFC West Preview

2009 NFL Stats

Weekly, we will be making tons of updates. Because the 2009 NFL Regular Season is 17 weeks long, we will have 17 weeks of updates on 2009 NFL Team Injury Reports, and stats. Our 2009 NFL Season Stats us broken down by offense and defense which allow you to find the best performing teams. Updating our NFL section will also include NFL Players of the Week, and Top Performers for the Week. In addition to that, we will also be updating weekly NFL Standings as well as our NFL Power Rankings. Staying on top of stats, standings, records, and NFL Betting Trends, are a great way to make sense of all your available bets.

2009 NFL Newsnfl newsAs the 2009 NFL Season approaches, will we have reviews and reports on NFL Mini Camps, once they commence, in late July. will have a full NFL News section with all the latest updates from camp, which includes injuries, releases, and acquisitions. In addition, our NFL News will include updates on NFL Pro Bowl Voting, which will include information on voting, leaders, and backups for each Conference.

2009 NFL Season Schedules

Before the season gets here, you definitely need to consult our 2009 NFL Season Schedules, as well as our 2009 NFL Team Schedules. Learn about the biggest games of the week, as we break them down in our Weekly Previews of NFL Games. Each week, we will go down the list of all the games, from that week, and break down stats, betting trends, and positional matchups. Our NFL analysts have over 125 years in combined experience, watching NFL games, as well as analyzing action from the league. You can trust their opinion when it comes to Betting on NFL.

2009 AFC Team Schedules
2009 NFC Team Schedules
2009 Bengals Schedule 2009 Jaguars Schedule 2009 49ers Schedule 2009 Lions Schedule
2009 Bills Schedule 2009 Jets Schedule 2009 Bears Schedule 2009 Packers Schedule
2009 Broncos Schedule 2009 Patriots Schedule 2009 Bucs Schedule 2009 Panthers Schedule
2009 Browns Schedule 2009 Raiders Schedule 2009 Cardinals Schedule 2009 Rams Schedule
2009 Chargers Schedule 2009 Ravens Schedule 2009 Cowboys Schedule 2009 Redskins Schedule
2009 Chiefs Schedule 2009 Steelers Schedule 2009 Eagles Schedule 2009 Seahawks Schedule
2009 Colts Schedule 2009 Texans Schedule 2009 Falcons Schedule 2009 Saints Schedule
2009 Dolphins Schedule 2009 Titans Schedule 2009 Giants Schedule 2009 Vikings Schedule

2009 NFL Fantasy Football Bettingfantasy football bettingLast but not least, we realize not all NFL Betting takes place at NFL Sports Betting Sites. For a majority of you, you prefer fantasy sports, which is perfectly fine, and a widely accepted form of entertainment, across the country. Men, and now Women, gather around every year, for Fantasy Football Leagues which more often than not, feature large jackpots. For your NFL Fantasy Betting, we recommend that you use our NFL Player Rankings, as it can also double as your 2009 NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet. This is sure to be a valuable weapon in your fantasy football arsenal.