2010 NFL Week 14 Betting Odds

If you look at the 2010 NFL Week 14 Betting odds, as well as the games associated with them, you will realize that the season is beginning to wind down, some teams are beginning to run out of steam, and those teams who have built a strong momentum are continuing their trend. With these odds you will see several important games, a few easy bets, and perhaps some parlay potential. As with every week you will want to be somewhat careful when selecting underdogs in order to prevent yourself from being caught off guard. We will host the spread and the totals for each game in the 14th week of the NFL season, as well as the money lines. If you happen to be interested in some of these games, you will want to check the NFL 2010 Week 14 betting odds.

First and foremost you will see the Giants and Vikings game of key importance. The Giants have not been successful since their Super Bowl victory against the Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl. The Eagles will visit the Cowboys for their battle. The Colts and the Titans will also square off with their respective betting odds. The Monday night game will take place between Baltimore and Houston in Reliant stadium, and the odds will likely reflect a solid chance for both teams. The Bengals v Pittsburgh game will continue one of the most intense rivalries in the league. In keeping with the NFL 2010 Week 14 betting odds, you are likely to find several chances at success and make sure you pay strict attention to the spreads, as the 14th week should yield solid results.

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