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There are a large number of online gamblers in the United States that yearn for a great USA online gambling experience.  Unfortunately, many of the online gambling sites that used to cater to players from the US have since pulled the welcome mat away from this large group of players.  There are several reasons for this but those players willing to hang in there should rest assured that there are still plenty of online gambling opportunities to be had.  In fact, there are many players that might suggest that times are quickly becoming even better for players from the United States than they have ever been before. Read More

USA Online Gambling Deposit Method Reviews

One of the hardest things to do when looking for USA online gambling sites is finding one that accepts a particular gambling deposit method. We have made this easy for our visitors by giving you reviews of all the different deposit methods accepted at USA online gambling sites. We tell you how each method works and we even seperate them so that you can easily find casinos, poker rooms, or sportsbooks that accept each deposit method. Here is all of the US gambling deposit methods.





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NEW! - Las Vegas Online Gambling

Here at, we've been preparing for the repeal of the UIGEA and with that the launch of Las Vegas Online Gambling. We expect them to come to fruition soon, and when they do, you're going to be ready. Until then, we'll provide the top choices from each type of Online Gambling.

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Gambling Addictions And How We Can Help

We try to be as responsible as we can here on our end, and that means giving players all of the resources they need in the case of a gambling problem. We have all the resources you need from articles about getting help with gambling to contacts that will help guide you through your problem. USA online gambling is supposed to be fun and that can not happen if you are risking more then you are able to lose. It is players being irresponsible that causes families to break up and causes people to lose their homes. Below is a list of some USA online gambling articles that will help people that have gambling problems.

Types Of USA Online Gambling

There is a few different types of USA online gambling that are popular among players. There is online casino gambling that allows players to play all of the casino games they play in Vegas right on their computer. Then there is USA online poker, which is where you play Texas Hold Em in a public poker room for real money. Then there is the ever popular sports betting. Regardless of what types of USA online gambling you are doing, we have the information here for you.

USA Online Casinos

USA online gambling at USA online casinos is one of the fastest growing ways for USA players to gamble online and we have a great selection of USA casinos for you to look through. We have tons of experience with USA gambling sites and there is a few casinos that will let you have a Vegas type experience right from the comfort of their own home. These USA gambling casinos have all of the features that are important to USA players including several USA casino deposit methods accepted, USA casino bonuses, and much more. For more information about USA casino gambling, check out our USA casino reviews that include all there is to know about all of the USA friendly casinos available. Casino provides their players some of the best gambling options around. has taken the standard model of casino gambling and turned it into something much better. You will find big bonuses, easy game play, simple deposits and some of the highest paying games on the market. offers their users one of the highest deposit bonuses - a 400% match to $4,000 - to all new players. provides their users one of the most generous gambling centers around, with slots paying more than 90% of the money drawn in. Deposits are simple enough with VISA and MasterCard, as well as prepaid cards.

USA Online Poker

We have all see the World Series Of Poker on TV and that is what has made USA poker gambling more popular then it ever has been before. We all have that dream of being the next MoneyMaker and making it to Vegas with a small little $5 buy in but we also know the odds of that are pretty much none. There are some great USA online poker sites but there is also some rogue ones that you need to stay away from. We have our list of what we consider to be the best USA poker rooms for online gambling and we have put them all below for you to easily make a decision.

Bovada's poker room is honestly the only one worth using anymore. They aren't going to shut down or lose their gaming license like some of the larger poker rooms, and they even have a player base that will give you new competition every time you sit at the tables. Bovada's software includes multi-tabling abilities, guaranteed tournaments, cash games, sit and go tournaments, stakes ranging from pennies to hundreds of dollars, and one of the best bonuses in all of online poker. A 110% match can be collected, giving up to $1,100 in free cash. Bovada provides 10% upfront, while the remaining $1,000 is distributed over time. Bovada accepts MyPayLinq, VISA and wire transfers, so you will not have much trouble funding your account.

USA Online Sports Betting

If you are a big sports fan like most of the USA residents then you have probably asked yourself if there is any USA sports gambling sites still available. The answer is yes and they are actually better then they have been. Sports betting is one of the most popular types of USA online gambling and we have all of the top USA sportsbooks to help you get started. We highly recommend that if you want to bet on sports then you should not gamble at any other online sportsbooks unless they are listed below. There is more rogue sports gambling sites out there then any other type of online gambling so be sure that you are playing at a trusted sportsbook like the ones below. We have all there is to know about sportsbooks accepting USA players like USA sportsbook bonuses, sportsbook reviews, USA sportsbook deposit methods, and more.

Bovada's sportsbook is one of the most impressive gambling sites to ever open to USA players. Those who join up with Bovada will find that they offer some of the most favorable odds, with a wide range of betting types and extra features. Bovada has straight and exotic wagers, with high paying parlays and more than fair spreads. Bovada provides their users with an enormous deposit bonus, which is a 10% unlimited match bonus. They have a live, in game betting card that emulates a Vegas style sportsbook, as well as regular promotions that will help you win serious money with very little effort - if you can adequately choose the proper picks or selections that would make you win. In the end, Bovada is one of the most impress sports betting sites around, and we can tell you that using them as your betting site is something that can earn you serious cash.

Is Online Gambling Legal In The USA?

This is the most commonly asked question among USA gamblers. Is online gambling legal in the USA? The answer is absolutely yes, and the reason is actually kind of simple. The UIGEA that was passed a few years ago never said that it was illegal for USA players to gamble online, nor did it intend to. The bill targeted the banks and tried to prevent them from processing gambling transactions. Well the bill was supposed to go into effect on December 1st, 2009, but it got pushed back because of all the debate. We would have to estimate that there is a90% chance that online gambling will be regulated by the government in the near future. Once they get their heads out of their ass in Washington, we will see some sort of action to make this happen. For now it is and always has been legal for the player to gamble online. We will strongly advise you though, only pick from one of the USA online gambling sites found here on or you will be risking the chance of not getting paid. See our legal gambling age page for information about age limits to gamble online or just go to our online gambling laws for USA players page.

More About USA Online Gambling

With the passing of more stringent USA gambling laws, which completely prohibit USA gambling in some areas of the country, there has been and increase in the amount of players from the United States who are forced to gravitate towards certain sites that still allow them to play there.  What used to be a very deep pool of sites to choose from has turned into a select assortment of those sites that allow players from the US and allow them to place bets in their casinos.  This ensures that the player base from the US is increased and means there is more money in the site than ever before.  More players and more money only make things better for everyone involved.  The casino itself is going to benefit because they are taking in more money and players are going to benefit because there is more money to be made and a greater number of inexperienced players coming in all the time.

There has always been somewhat of a confusion when it comes to USA online gambling laws coming out of the United States.  One of the primary issues is states rights against what the federal government says the law is.  Because the Internet is ultimately controlled by the federal government the federal laws are the controlling factor.  There is a movement in the US to allow certain states to gamble online but nothing definite has been determined.  For example, most of the United States does not allow gambling in any form outside of Indian Casinos and certain riverboat industries.  Nevada, however, is a state in the United States whose economy to a large extent relies on gambling.  The question would be why it would be legal for a Nevadan to walk to the local casino and play Poker but not be allowed to go online and essentially do the exact same thing?  This is one concern about legal USA online gambling that needs to be addressed. 

What it boils down to is there are still several very reputable online casinos that are effectively operating and do allow US players to play.  It is ultimately incumbent on the individual player to be aware of the laws that apply to them and play accordingly.  If they choose to violate those laws then they should be prepared to be prosecuted if it were to come to that.  A more appropriate response might be to petition for legislation that makes this great pastime a legal one everywhere and for everyone.