NHL Hockey

national hockey leagueWhile the smallest of the major national sports, the National Hockey League has still garnered a massive fan base. In addition to the fan base, the NHL has also attracted a large amount of bettors. Betting on the NHL has received enough popularity to warrant an entire section on our site. Since some bettors are generally clueless about hockey, our informative pages can help a bettor acclimate them self with the finer parts of hockey.Placing a wager with ignorance is bound to erupt in a failed effort, which is precisely why a bettor should read up and get into the game.

NHL Betting Resources

NHL Defensive Statistics

The first stop an bettor should look into is the NHL defensive statistics. A team that cannot hold their ground is bound to give entirely too many points to keep up with the competition. Some would argue that goalies win the game, as a sub par goalie can cost a team an entire season through poor coverage. If a goalie's stats are worse than the opponents, then it is clear where your bet belongs.

NHL Offensive Statistics

NHL offensive statistics are equally as important as those of the defensive line. While the defense must keep the team from giving scores, the offense must be out there pounding the net with pucks. Even if a goalie only lets one puck through the net every single game, a team with an offensive line that cannot penetrate even the most meager off defenses will never rise through the ranks.Thus, if you intend on placing a bet on the NHL, looking into the offensive statistics is of high importance.

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NHL Matchups

Check the NHL matchups to have a better look at the pertinent statistics, with each team's stats side by side. This will allow you to see how each team contends against one another, which is highly important when taking a bet on a team. By comparing the two teams against one another, you will see which areas they will or will not out out perform one another.

NHL Teams

When sifting through the stats, it is best to take it team by team. There is an NHL team for most major cities in North America, and this can make it some what difficult to keep track of. After all, not every bettor is a Red Wings or Penguins fan. NHL Hockey teams are regularly fluctuating in terms of quality, and by keeping an overview on each team you can vastly improve your chances of winning a bet.

NHL Standings

Whilst following a team, it is best to check into the NHL standings. Keep track of the standings and you will keep track of how a team is performing. The team that is currently on top of the rankings is probably the safer of the bets when they are playing the team at the bottom of the list. On the same note, when a team is on top of their game, another team may have an edge over the leader in a single department, that could give them the upper hand over the leader.

NHL Team Schedules

nhl bettingIf you have a bet in mind when placing a bet, you may want to look into the NHL team schedules. This will show you when ever a team happens to be playing. This can be broken down by week or by month, allowing for the best possible overview of the entire season. By keeping track of the schedule, you will not find yourself lost throughout the entire season.

NHL Weekly Schedules

Rather then breaking down the schedules by team, you can choose to view the NHL weekly schedules. This will show you every match up through that month, delivered on a weekly basis. If you are the type of bettor who enjoys parlay betting or just a dedicated fan, the weekly schedules are what you need.

NHL Betting Trends

By following NHL betting trends, you will have a better idea about point spreads. Spreads can prove difficult, but trends should give you a better idea where to start. It is essential to follow against the spread standings, as these standings are the most powerful piece of information to be considered when spread betting.

NHL Injury Reports

If a key player is injured, then a team will find it some what more difficult to overcome the opposition. If Malkin or Fleury had been taken out half way through the playoffs, it is doubtful that the Penguins would have managed to take the Stanley Cup in the '08-'09 season. This is just an example on how devastating an injury can be, and the main reason why a player should consider the NHL injury reports when placing a wager.

NHL Transactions

NHL transactions are simply the trades and acquisitions a team will see before or during a season. By adding or removing players, a team can alter their chances at winning, and thus affect your bet. Keep this in mind when placing a wager in any of our Online sportsbooks.

NHL News

If something major happens in the NHL, you will undoubtedly find a story behind it. Whether it is a player being suspended or moved from a team, the NHL news will have the story covered. We do our best to keep on top of every subject, though occasionally a headline could slip through the cracks. Thankfully, we manage to keep everything under wraps.

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NHL Free Picks

When it boils down to it, we will be offering NHL free picks. If you can't come to a decision on where to run with your bet, feel free to take our picks as they can at least give you a guideline on where to place your bet.

NHL Consensus Picks

In addition to our picks, you will also find NHL consensus picks. Consensus picks are how the community feels the bet will go, and can typically be called upon when starting your bet.