2010 NFL Week 2 Betting Odds

With week one done and gone, the 2010 NFL Week 2 betting odds are released. The first week began with many important match ups, several games involving major underdogs, and the second week is only slightly different. There are a few less key match ups, several weak team versus weak team match ups, and some potentially favorable odds in the right place. The second week of the season is where some teams begin to formulate new strategies and build a momentum that will carry them through the season, so these betting odds can be of key importance when trying to start grasping an outlook on the remainder of the season. Though the NFL 2010 Week 2 Betting Odds are leaning towards obvious favorites, do not forget about the underdogs.

Looking at the second week you will see an apprehensive Jets team set to tangle with the New England Patriots. Another essential match up will pit the Manning brothers against one another as the Giants and the Colts meet head on. Dallas will host the Bears, and these will be another stepping stone game leading to a final product of the season. The betting odds will remain stable and consistent throughout this week, barring any week 1 accidents and injuries. Keep your eyes on the 2010 NFL week 2 betting odds in order to stay ahead of the game, both in terms of the sport it self and with the betting options found through USA online sportsbooks.

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