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The National Football League has made its way to the height of popularity in USA sports. No sport even comes close to the level of popularity the NFL has attained. This burgeoning level of interest has created a lucrative channel of NFL betting for all to endeavor. Being that there are always a large mass of people betting, particularly on the bigger games such as the Superbowl, there is high potential for massive amounts of winnings.

NFL Betting is becoming common place all over the nation. This takes place in Vegas as well as in the homes of friends gathering around to watch the game. The best method however is to take your NFL bets to USA sportsbooks. There are several available to USA players and we have NFL betting reviews that point you in the right direction for a great place to start placing your wagers. These great sites offer all of your favorite bet types, so any bettor can find what he or she is looking for by clicking just a few links.

Betting On The NFL Playoffs


After the 16-game regular season, the playoffs of the National Football League playoffs, a single-elimination tournament, is held to determine the champion of the League. Six teams from each of the two conferences are eligible to enter the tournament based on regular season records. In the event of equal records a tie-breaking procedure exists to solve the issue. NFL Playoffs Betting takes place quite heavily during the playoffs as the two teams that come out on top in their respective conferences will be the two teams to take place in the culmination of the entire series - the Super Bowl. Many Legal USA Sportsbooks always have Betting on the NFL playoffs, so ride your team all the way to the championship.

Super Bowl Betting The Championship NFL Game, the Super Bowl, is widely regarded as the most watched television event in the nation, and has been labeled a de facto national holiday in American culture. Being the culmination of one of the most popular sporting events in history, the Super Bowl Betting has garnered an immense number of bettors who would be placing wagers on this game. All the Best USA Sportsbooks always have tons of bets, including all of the very popular Prop Bets, which can be very entertaining. Over 200 million spectators tune in on Super Bowl Sunday every year, leading to a large pool of bettors. The risks are big, the stakes are high, and the money can go either way when it comes to Super Bowl Betting.

NFL Betting TypesOne type of bet bettors can make is a proposition bet, or NFL props betting. Prop bets are one-of-a-kind bets that are placed on an outcome or some form of proposition. These stem from happenstance or statistics. These can be off the wall, as in the example of poker player Howard Lederer, a known vegetarian, was met with a bet that he would not eat a cheeseburger with the stakes of $10,000 dollars. Proposition bets can also be more mundane as in, will Player X catch Y number of passes from quarterback Z during game F. These bets usually favor the house and are not something a weathered gambler would always want to take. Other examples include, but are not limited to, what team will make the first score or who will be the MVP of the game. One of the most famous proposition bets was In 1985 when the Chicago Bears were amongst the most dominating of defenses. The proposition was that William Perry, aptly nicknamed "The Refrigerator," on the set odds 20-to-1, would score a touchdown, causing the participating sportsbooks to lose a fortune. It is hard to find odds, like those, even at USA Casinos.

NFL Future betting, or futures, are a fun way to place bets on different sporting events. They must be placed much further in advance than the actual event itself. These can be profitable, but usually are not - it is wildly difficult to accurately predict the outcome of an event before subsequent events that could affect the final outcome of the event on which you have actually placed the bet. Futures are best played either when you are completely assured of what you want to happen will happen (despite how tautological this sounds), or you have an inside tip. This can be lucrative if the odds are outrageous enough, but typically it is best to not throw a large sum of money at the bet.

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Best NFL Football Betting Sites

For all of your Betting on NFL games, DSI is everything you can ask for in a Sportsbook that accepts USA players. DSI offers rapid service, an easy to use interface, and some of the most extravagant deposit bonuses you could ever hope for. DSI will match your first deposit either 10% or 20% depending on how much of a rollover you are willing to accept. They will match you until $500 dollars, which is nothing to laugh at. DSI will continue to match you a significant amount on each reload 10% up to $500 dollars. They even carry a reward program for any referral you could bring to their site. DSI uses an expansive number of deposit methods that accept USA players such as EwalletXpress, 900pay, PICClub, VISA/MasterCard, American Express, FedEx deposits, and bank wires. For any of your NFL betting needs, DSI is your best bet. Visit DSI

Bookmaker is a great NFL Football Betting website that accepts USA players. Their bonuses are exquisite for first time bettors. They will give 20% up to $300 dollars on all new members. There is also a reoccurring 10% reload for all loyal members returning to their sportsbook. They cover the gambit on most betting lines including, but not limited to, spreads, totals, and futures. They accept all of the top USA Sportsbook deposit methods including most major credit cards, eChecks, and EwalletXpress. They even offer the option to play via your mobile phone. With all these features, It's no wonder Bookmaker has become a top choice for all NFL Betting available to USA players. Visit BookMaker

Top NFL Football Sportsbooks USA Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses Rating Visit
Bovada Sportsbook Review 20% to $100 match VISIT
Intertops Sportsbook Review 25% match to $100 VISIT
5 Dimes Sportsbook Review 50% match to $200 VISIT
Bet Online Review 10%- 45% sliding match bonus Bet Online ranking VISIT