2010 NFL Week 12 Betting Odds

The 2010 NFL Week 12 Betting Odds are the odds that include the Thanksgiving Day games. Thursday will carry two games, Monday night will still have its game, and not a single team is on the bye week. With 16 games to watch out for this week, your betting options will not be totally empty. Several weak teams are playing teams that are solid and strong. For every uneven matchup there will be appropriate odds, thus simplifying the betting for that particular game. With the ease of these odds, money should fairly easy to make through the USA online sportsbooks that are offering these odds.

When you pay attention to the 2010 NFL Week 12 Betting Odds you will see several key match ups. The Saints will battle the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, while New England will visit Detroit and Cincinnati the Jets. These three games essentially kick off the week, though there are more betting options to come. Green Bay and Atlanta are set to throw down, as is the Chargers and the Colts. Spreads, totals, and straight wagers will all be available for this week, covering the myriad of teams that are set to play. The NFL 2010 Week 12 Betting Odds carry big betting possibilities, so pay attention when they are released if you intend on getting in on the lines.

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