2010 NFL Week 10 Betting Odds

The last bye week is found in the 2010 NFL Week 10 Betting Odds. The betting odds carry some big games, including the first in a series of Thursday games, a Monday game, and the typically long list of Sunday games. While excitement is high for these games, the general enjoyment of the game may be slightly underscored by fact that crunch time has arrived - for some teams, the do-or-die games are up and coming. The final bye week is here, and the Packers, Saints, Raiders, and Chargers will be resting for the week. In the end, the betting odds will likely reflect the intensity of the upcoming weeks.

The New England Patriots will meet the Pittsburgh Steelers as one of the more intense games of the 10th week in the 2010 NFL Season. In addition, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants will once again meet up to battle for victory. Finally, the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons also have to square off during this week. There are great chances to make big cash on big games this week, so bettors will want to be sure they've got their bets in before the action begins. Pay attention to the odds as they fluctuate due to injuries and the like, so keep up with the 2010 NFL Week 10 Betting Odds before you start placing wagers.

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