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2009 NFL Season Schedules

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NFL logoAt USA Players we provide you with all things related to the NFL including the entire 2009 NFL Season Schedules. Fans have waited all off season for the NFL schedule to be released and we have all of your favorite team's schedules for you to check out. The 2009 NFL Season gets under way on Thursday, September 10th when the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers host the Tennessee Titans. This is a very exciting time for NFL fans as all of the teams have big expectations for the upcoming year. You can easily look up the schedule for your favorite NFL team and take a look at what the biggest games of the year are for them. Here at USA Players we lay out the entire 17 weeks of the NFL Regular Season allowing you to see what the biggest games of the year will be. NFL fans will never miss a second of the action as you can plan well ahead of time on which games you need to check out. Our 2009 NFL Schedule page is the perfect place for you to find out everything about the upcoming 2009 NFL season.


2009 NFL Playoffs Schedule

Now that the regular season is out of the way, the 2009 NFL Playoffs are upon us, time for the best football of the year. The playoffs aren't a guaranteed part of any teams' NFL Schedule which makes just getting there a coveted honor. Of course, everyone wants to win, and it's do or die, creating some of the most compelling matchups of the season. Though the 2009 NFL Season Schedule is dwindling down, rejoice that the playoffs are upon us.

Wildcard Playoffs
1/9/2010 - New York Jets 24 vs. Cincinnati Bengals 14 Final
1/9/2010 - Philadelphia Eagles 14 vs. Dallas Cowboys 34 Final
1/10/2010 - Baltimore Ravens 33 vs. New England Patriots 14 Final
1/10/2010 - Green Bay Packers 45 vs. Arizona Cardinals 51 F/OT
Divisional Playoffs
1/16/2010 - Arizona Cardinals 14 vs. New Orleans Saints 45 Final
1/16/2010 - Baltimore Ravens 3 vs. Indianapolis Colts 20 Final
1/17/2010 - Dallas Cowboys 3 vs. Minnesota Vikings 34 Final
1/17/2010 - New York Jets 17 vs. San Diego Chargers 14 Final
Conference Championships
1/24/2010 @ 3:00PM - New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts
1/24/2010 @ 6:40PM - Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints
Super Bowl XLIV
2/7/2010 @ 6:00PM - NFC Champion vs. AFC Champion

2009 NFL Conference Schedules

2009 NFL Conference Schedules - Each conference has their own schedules they play. Obviously, each conference plays each other, but most games stay within the conference, whether it be the NFC or the AFC. Our NFL Conference Schedules will preview the upcoming schedule for each conference and give you games to keep an eye on.

2009 NFL Team Schedules

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2009 NFL Team Schedules - In our section which previews all the 2009 Schedules for NFL teams, you will get a run down of every team, and all 16 regular season games. In this section, we provide fans and bettors with the key games, on each team's schedule, so that you can know the big games to bet on, or watch. Find your favorite teams, and get their 2009 NFL Season Schedules.

2009 NFL Weekly Schedules

2009 NFL Weekly Schedules - No matter what week of the NFL season it is, you can find the complete schedule, along with the must watch games, in our previews of the 2009 NFL Weekly Schedules. On these schedules, we give a brief rundown of what you can expect, from each game. This is helpful so that you don't come into whatever week, of the NFL Season, not knowing who is playing. In addition, you can find all the listed lines and odds for that weeks football games. You can even weigh in, and see how the rest of America feels about the lines. Also, bettors will be able to backtrack and see how teams did in the past. This is especially helpful when betting on games with divisional opponents.

2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule