2010 NFL Week 15 Matchups

When looking at the 2010 NFL Week 15 Matchups, you will see some teams who are continuing to build their momentum towards the play offs, while other teams are probably running out of steam and morale and unable to continue their solid trek toward the play offs. Odds will be released just before the games are set to be out, and odds makers will have nearly almost all of the season in order to formulate the odds. Teams have all become well adjusted by now, if they are going to at all, or they are going to continue to crumble. The playoffs at this point can be decided by the NFL 2010 Week 15 Matchups not only by the team's ability to win their own games, but will also be determined by who wins the other games according to the standings.

One of the biggest games of this week will be the Saints at Baltimore. The defending Super Bowl champions will tangle with the Wild Card winners from last year, where the Ravens lost to the runner ups for the Super bowl, the Colts. Another riveting game should be found in the Jets with the Steelers. Roethlisberger will have had plenty of time to readjust to missing out on the early games in the season, and should become the dominant quarterback that he is known to be. The Eagles and the Giants will once again tangle, and the Giants are bouncing back off of a postseason-less 2009-2010 year. Finally, Green Bay and New England battle to see who will take the out of conference victory. The other Week 15 Matchups in the 2010 NFL Season may not prove as exciting as these games, but they will still help to shape the upcoming playoffs.

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