2010 NFL Week 5 Betting Odds

The bye weeks continue in the 2010 NFL Week 5 betting odds, and four more teams will receive their week of rest while the remaining teams move all around the nation in order to provide us with what is the most spectated sport in the USA. The east coast teams will be predominantly facing each other and the odds are going to reflect a series of important match ups. Unless your team is the Dolphins, the Patriots, the Steelers, or the Seahawks, expect them to be playing. Only these four teams will receive their bye going into the NFL 2010 Week 5 betting odds. Though there are not many of the highest ranked teams playing each other, entertainment and betting opportunities will still be on a high note.

One of the first games to look for through the fifth week is that of the contest between the Saints and the Cardinals. The Cardinals won their wild card with a record of 10-6 in the 2009 season. They Cardinals are aiming to make up for what they lost in Super Bowl XLIII, though this Super Bowl winning opponent will be the Saints rather than the Steelers. Minnesota will have the luxury of squaring off with the Jets, while Tennessee takes on Dallas. The Broncos will likely be an underdog to the Ravens, while the Titans will face the Cowboys again, this time in Arlington. Each match up in the 2010 NFL week 5 betting odds will prove to be significant in its own right, so you will never have to worry about lacking an opportunity to place a wager.

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