NBA Basketball

national basketball associationThe National Basketball Association is one of the four major sporting leagues within the United States, and is one of the biggest in the world. The NBA has garnered much attention from bettors, as non-contact sports always lead to more predictable gambling results. Bettors wait around their televisions, watching the game, hoping for a favorable outcome. The season can drag on, but this is just more opportunities to get in the bets on NBA action. There are many things that can affect a bet, and with so many numbers and names to follow, it can occasionally prove difficult, or at least trying, to place an accurate bet. While a newbie may not have much luck when placing a bet, we have a massive supply of available information to help any bettor in their career. Using this information, even only the smallest portion of it, can vastly aid you in your betting.

The NBA season is long and comprehensive. Each team plays eighty two games total, with thirty teams. Doing a quick burst of mental arithmetic, you will find that there are 1,230 games in the season. This gives a massive number of opportunities to place wagers, and following the games can be different. You can find an overview of the season through our site, which should give you a general idea about where to start your betting.

NBA Betting Resources

NBA Matchups

One of the best ways to keep track of how a team will perform in an upcoming game is by checking the NBA Match Ups. These match ups will give a side by side look on how each team has been performing or how they are expected to perform. Major statistics are listed, and how they compare to each other between the two different teams in a match up. This is a great starting position for any bettor, as it will give the wagerer an indication about both teams and their relative standing. More than anything, this is a terrific way to begin your betting. You may want to look further into the teams, as this is more of a comparison than a straight up list of statistics.

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NBA Basketball Teams

With 30 NBA Teams to keep track of, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. We have news, standings, schedules, and much more on every one of the teams. We are your one stop shop for everything NBA related, and it begins with all the Teams in the NBA.

NBA News

By following the NBA News, you can see any major change in the line up, injury, or legal department of a team. The news is the primary method through which information is delivered, and should occasionally be checked into when placing a bet. While the news may not be slated toward gambling, it can still provide some semblance of a foundation for the average gambler. Whether you seek information or entertainment, the news should be looked into with even mild regularity.

NBA Team Schedules

bookmaker nba wageringThrow away that TV guide, as you can now have access to all of the NBA Team Schedules right here. In addition to the schedules, you will also see plenty of other information in which you can begin placing wagers. You will see a team's entire schedule, as well as who they are playing. What channel will air the event is also listed, though this may vary by region. The team schedule will be presented on a monthly and weekly listing, and can be divided up however you please. Always know the time and date that your team will be taking the floor when using our team schedules for the National Basketball Association.

NBA Weekly Schedules

If you would rather see every game that will transpire throughout the week, you can take a look at the NBA Weekly Schedules. The weekly schedule will show every last game that is going to take place in that week. Both conferences and each division is shown,  you the entire season can be broken down by week, from the first to the last. This can help you plan out parlays, or just keep track of how the season will endeavor to commence. The NBA has a long list of games, and keeping track of each team, each week, or each month can be overwhelming. Thankfully, our tool should assist you in your future as a gambler or a fan.

NBA Standings

With 82 games on each team's schedule, there is a lot to keep up with. One of the easiest ways to judge how teams are doing is by looking at the NBA Standings. These basically keep a running tab on the wins and losses of every team, and put them in order according to the division they're in. Keeping track of the standings lets fans know which teams are performing at a high level and which ones are in the cellar.

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NBA Against The Spread Standings

Spread betting is one of the most common types of bets, and tracking NBA Against The Spread Standings can help you follow where each team will go. Spread betting does not always have the best pay out, but the bets can be a safer shot than the money line. By following the spread standings, you should be able to extrapolate the data into a better bet. Any bettor, novice or professional, will find this information useful. This information can correlate with NBA betting trends to give a bettor a solid shot at a bet. Trends and ATS standings are both fairly similar, and can be used to create an accurate spread of your own. Compare this to the Vegas concocted spread and you may find yourself winning bets through USA Online Sportsbooks even more often than before.

NBA Statistics

Using our NBA Statistics is paramount when wagering, or at least sounding informed. If you do not keep track of statistics, it is very likely that your bets will fail, unless you manage to be overwhelmingly lucky. A player must know the game to play. Compare a lack of knowledge to not knowing how to play poker or chess. If you do not know how a hand works, or how a piece may move, you will invariably fail. Every stat is important, though some more important than others. Obviously, vital statistics, such as points given per game, points per game, and how each player is handling their own, is essential prior to actually making a wager. If you go into a sportsbook knowing nothing about a team, its history, or its players, you are invariably going to lose a lot more money than you gain.

NBA Betting Trends

Another important feature to look into is NBA Betting Trends. Betting trends will show you how a team has lived up to certain bets. If a team has beaten the spread in their last seven games, it is safe to assume they will beat the spread once more. The same logic may apply to over and under betting. If the same two teams have played one another for four years, without any major change in line up, and have gone over on the over/under bet, you may want to stick to the trend and place your money that way. Conversely, if a team has failed to live up to a spread or has never managed to overcome the team they will be playing in the next NBA match up, you may want to rethink your bet.

NBA Basketball Betting

wager on nba games at betusBetting on NBA Basketball is probably the reason why you are here, and we can help you every step of the way. Our sportsbook reviews can show you where to start, our statistics can show you how to begin, and our forums can let you talk about a wager or team before you actually place your money on the line. We even have free picks for players to enjoy, and these can give you an introductory idea on placing your bet. NBA betting is one of the better ways to place sports bets and, in addition to NFL betting, can make you a sizable chunk of money if done properly. Through sportsbook bonuses, you can even see extra funds when trying to bet on the NBA. These little morsels of goodness make it possible to make more wagers on NBA action. We encourage every one betting on the NBA to take advantage of them. There isn't one good reason not to take advantage of the free money offered.

Free NBA Picks

We will regularly offer Free NBA Picks, as chosen by each of the sports fans here at USAPlayers. These should not be taken to heart as definitive, but rather should be used to point you in the right direction. Coupled with your own knowledge and information, a pick should at least point you in the right direction. We will always support our claims with some details, so if you are still uncertain, feel free to check out the NBA stats and correlate the idea with yourself.

NBA Basketball Consensus Picks

NBA Basketball Consensus Picks are provided, but we have not personally had much to do with these. Anyone on the network using this widget may vote toward how they think the bet will end. This can be used as a ground breaker, though as always, you should do your independent research and see if the public speaks accurately, rather than playing favorites.

NBA Injury Reports

In any professional sport, an injury can greatly turn the tides of the game. Once odds makers set the odds, they typically do not change. Though if a player is injured off the court, you may find it could seriously hamper a team's ability to overcome. Any serious bettor will tell you that you must stay up to date by frequently checking the NBA Injury Reports. This should be one of the first subjects you look into prior to placing a bet, as losing a key player will assuredly lead you to a failure.

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NBA Transactions

Trades occur fairly regularly, particularly in the off season. Through our NBA Transactions page, you can see pretty much every swap that occurs. Additions, subtractions, and full blown trades are all shown on the list.