2010 NFL Week 13 Betting Odds

By the time the 2010 NFL Week 13 Betting Odds are released, some teams will undoubtedly be removed from play off contention entirely. With the release of these odds, you can be sure that at least one or two teams will no longer be able to enter the playoffs, thus making your betting life somewhat easier. By observing the underdogs, you will see that betting will be as easy as possible through out the 13th week and beyond. The favorites will probably continue to take precedence in this week, especially considering they have had plenty of time to acclimate to the new members of the teams. As soon as the NFL 2010 Week 13 Betting Odds are released we will have them posted.

A few games to look out for are the games between the Cowboys and the Colts, the Jets and New England, as well as the rivalry between the Steelers and the Ravens. The Colts are coming off of a solid 2009-2010 season, despite their loss in the most recent Super Bowl. Tony Romo and the Cowboys will still be playing their hardest to keep the Colts down. Pittsburgh and Baltimore always make for a solid match up, and their betting odds typically reflect this. The Jets and the Patriots come from the same geographical region, and these teams promise to provide another entertaining game. The NFL 2010 Week 13 Betting Odds, upon their release, will likely reflect the excitement that is bound to stem from this week.

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