2010 NFL Week 13 Matchups

The 2010 NFL Week 13 Matchups begin to wind down to the end of the regular season, with teams getting down to the wire, and a lot of teams battling it out within their own division with the races tightening and the games becoming more and more pressure packed with each of the passing weeks. Make sure to check out the previews for each of the Week 13 of the 2010 NFL season games and get the best information available to you for betting lines and betting trend analysis. Additionally, make sure to cast your vote on who you think will cover the Against The Spread with the voting feature available with the betting information. The 2010 NFL Week 13 Match Ups will have some exciting games from which plenty of betting action will be available.

Dallas will face Indianapolis in an inter-conference match up, while division games between Miami and New England and the New York Giants and Washington Redskins will take place as a shuffle in the division standings should be expected. Week 13 Matchups in the 2010 NFL Season will be exactly what Roger Goodell drew up when making the schedules, wanting more division late-season games.

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