2010 NFL Season

The 2010 NFL Season consists of 65 preseason games, 256 regular season games, and 11 post-season games. With all that action, you're going to need some help to stay on top of everything. For that reason, we've taken the time prepare our 2010 NFL section to best suit the fan, the avid bettor, as well as the first time bettors. We've got most the information you'll find at bigger sites, however we've got a few things up our sleves that most other sites don't.

Here at USAPlayers.com, we view absolutely everything from a betting stand point. We love to wager ourselves, and we definitely want to help you win your wagers. There is no better feeling than receiving mail from a player gleaming with joy after tearing up the weekend games at USA sports betting sites. Basically, we know what you want because we've been in your shoes. Stick with us and check out what we've got. If you don't like it, you've got the entire 2010 NFL Season to find some place else, but truthfully, we're not worried about that.



Super Bowl XLV Odds

This year we've re-done our Super Bowl Odds section to make it easier to find the 2011 Super Bowl Odds you want to see. Everything is laid out much nicer and now you will be able to track the odds as the 2010 NFL Football Season goes. This should help the bettor get the best odds whenever taking the dive and betting a team to win the big one in "Big D".


2010 NFL Schedules

  • Find a schedule for every week during the 2010 NFL Season. We provide much useful information such as time, date, and coverage of the game. In addition, we've picked out the big games of the week. We have determined these to be the best games of the week before the season started. All schedules come from NFL.com and times of games could shift as flex scheduling begins Week 11.
  • Learn who your favorite team plays every week with the 2010 NFL Team Schedules provided. These give all the same info as the weekly schedules however these are a bit different. When referencing these you'll find brief breakdowns of each week's game. As game previews become available, we'll be sure to post them there allowing you to stay current on the latest news.

2010 Monday Night Football Schedule

  • Monday Night Football is a staple of the American male's culture and because of that we absolutely had to include a Monday Night Football Schedule within our section devoted to the 2010 NFL Season. Visit the MNF Schedule to get the times and locations of MNF Games, Week 1 - 16.

2010 Sunday Night Football Schedule

  • To close out a long day of football, NBC has the equivalent of the "Game of the Week". Basically the games on the 2010 Sunday Night Football Schedule are supposed to be the best, and they typically are. Our Sunday Night Football Schedule should be accurate until NFL Flex Scheduling begins Week 11.

2010 NFL Matchups

Brand new for this year is the 2010 NFL Matchups section on USAplayers.com With these, you're going to be able to break down the game by several key statistical categories including prior meetings. This section is going to be extremely useful going into the 2010 National Football League Season as all 17 Weeks of NFL Matchups are included within it.

  • If you're a sporting guy or gal, then you're absolutely going to want to partake in our section devoted to 2010 NFL Betting Odds. We've got odds for every game during the week. Every week of the 2010 NFL Season has been isolated making it easy to find the odds you want. In addition, you'll find the top rated online sports betting sites for wagering NFL games.
  • When it all comes down to it, it is the scores that determine if a bet is won or lost. In most cases, the score is all that matters. Within this section, you'll be able to easily find the scores from all 17 weeks of the regular season. When looking at these you get much more than the straight up result of the game. Our scores list winners as they relate to the spread.

2010 NFL Team Previews

Our 2010 NFL Team Previews are sure to give you the proper insight needed to wager on preseason games as well as the first weeks of the regular season. Obviously, these are formulated before the 2010 NFL Football Season so exact roster positions could change in the meantime. Regardless, these lay out the basic foundation of the team and we feel these can be extremely useful, as this section was a fan favorite during the 2009 - 2010 season.

2010 NFL Statistics

  • Statistics are what makes football go round. From everything to betting NFL Games to playing Fantasy Football, stats from the 2010 NFL season are key. Get the latest team offensive and defensive stat rankings as well as a "Hot & Not" section as it currently relates to the NFL.

2010 NFL Injury Reports

Knowing who will play and who is stuck on the bench for another week is very important when trying to predict the winner of a game. Even more important are injuries from a betting aspect. You won't want to bet the over line if the starting QB is out for this week's contest. Examples such as that prove exactly why 2010 NFL Injury Reports are so crucial to betting success.

  • Weather can play a huge role in the NFL whether it be betting on the game or just simply attending. Rain and inclement conditions can muck up play and make spectating a not so enjoyable experience. With our weather reports, you'll be up to date on the current conditions are, as well as what the weather is expected to be like come kickoff for all 32 NFL stadiums.
  • While NFL Transactions between teams don't normally take place, there is still a lot of action taking place on team rosters. If you want to know whether or not a player has been traded, cut, waived, or sent to the practice squad, then our section for NFL Trades and Transactions is exactly what you're looking for. These update every week through out the 2010 NFL Season.