2010 NFL Week 6 Betting Odds

With the 2010 NFL Week 6 Betting Odds you will see a few revenge matches in the works. This will add to the excitement and make the betting odds even more worth while. The third bye week has arrived and another four teams will take some time to rest. Amongst the games this week will be a few important match ups in determining future seeding and playoff contention. Those who are following the league to the end will want to pay special attention to the 2010 NFL Week 6 Betting Odds, as there will be several opportunities to clean up on the wager lines throughout this week.

Two of the most important match ups of this week are the Ravens at New England and the Cowboys at Minnesota. The Ravens removed the Patriots from the playoffs, while the Vikings took the division away from the Cowboys. This is the week of payback, injured pride, or both. Atlanta and Philadelphia will also create a riveting game, while the Skins will take on the Colts in Landover. Betting on this week will allow you to bypass the Panthers, the Bills, the Cardinals, and the Bengals, as these teams are currently taking their bye weeks. As soon as we catch wind of the 2010 NFL Week 6 Betting Odds we will pass along the information to you through this page.

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