2010 NFL Week 5 Matchups

2010 NFL Week 5 Matchups will give fans and bettors alike the opportunity to watch and wager on several exciting games. By the time Week 5 in the NFL Season has rolled around, teams will have formed an identity, and those who are struggling will come into crunch time to get their season turned around before it is too late. Week Five in the 2010 NFL Season is a prime opportunity to do that. Read a preview of each of the games on the slate and cast a vote as to which of the teams for each game with cover the Against the Spread margin. The betting lines including the spread and the over/under will be readily available and accurate. Week 5 is a critical week, and the 2010 NFL Week 5 Matchups will be one that teams will try to a win and either continue on their winning track, or try to turn it around.

The Matchups in Week 5 of the 2010 NFL Season will feature the defending champion New Orleans Saints against the Arizona Cardinals. Each won their division a season ago and should make for a high-flying game, as the Saints ousted the Cardinals from the playoffs last season, Additionally, Tennessee will face Dallas in an inter-conference test. The 2010 NFL Week 5 Matchups will give bettors plenty of opportunities to wager on a variety of good games on the schedule.

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