2010 NFL Week 17 Betting Odds

The final week of the season comes to us with the NFL week 17 betting odds. The final week carries some exciting match ups, as this is, for many teams, the end of the line or their shot at glory. The playoffs are right around the corner, and the 17th week is writhe full of Sunday games. The lengthy list of games covers the entire day of play. While the time is running out on the regular season, the playoffs are likely to prove just as profitable and exciting to a skilled sports bettor. We will list all of the NFL 2010 Week 17 Betting Odds as soon as they are released.

The Titans will clash with the Colts as one of the first games of the final Sunday of the regular season. The Colts may or may not be back in the playoffs at this point, and if they are you can be assured that starters will not play. Use last year's trends as a point of origin for your betting. Last year's reigning Super Bowl champs, the Saints, will host Tampa Bay for the final game of the regular season. Miami and New England, as well as the Giants and the Red Skins will play, once again bringing some excitement to the betting lines. If you are looking for your last opportunity to get in on the NFL betting, turn to the 2010 NFL week 17 betting odds as there will be very few options as soon as these match ups finish and the playoffs begin.

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