2010 NFL Week 13 Scores

By the time the 2010 NFL week 13 scores are posted, some teams may be eliminated from play off contention entirely. The 13th week begins December football and carried the always important match ups of the Cowboys and the Colts, the Steelers and the Ravens, and a few farm games. A battle between the underdogs of the Bears and Lions was also scheduled for week 13. Though some of the betting opportunties for this week were left to some tumultuous scheduling, the USA online sportsbooks still present some profitable ventures. If you did have some money on these wager lines then the NFL 2010 Week 13 scores will tell you whether or not your bets came through or if your team emerged victorious. For betting purposes and for knowledge alike, these scores are of relatively key importance.

Find All Of The 2010 NFL Week 13 Scores As They Become Final Listed Below: