2010 NFL Week 16 Matchups

When looking at the 2010 NFL Week 16 matchups you will see a few striking games on the ballot. You will also see several teams struggling to make it to the playoffs, especially those teams who not only must win their games, but must also see other teams win a few games in order to stay on top of the play off contention. Several teams will likely be eliminated from the play offs in this week, and the entertainment possibilities of these games increases due to the fact that players are going to be working even harder to make it to the postseason. Several key games will take place in the NFL 2010 Week 16 Matchups, and oddsmakers will be drawing their odds from the previews available, trends throughout the season, as well as the 2010 NFL injury reports that are being released.

Perhaps one of the most key games in the final week is that of the New Orleans / Atlanta game. Last year Atlanta managed an upswing in the end of the season, but this was too little, too late, as the Saints lost to the Cowboys in week 15. This match up will allow the Falcons to exact some revenge, so even if they do not manage to make it to the playoffs, they will still be able to take some solace in crushing the defending Super Bowl champion. The Giants will visit Green Bay in order to keep trying at their trip to the playoffs, which they did not qualify for last year. Minnesota and Philadelphia will also square off, and the Vikings will be trying to dominate the playoffs this year where they failed last year. The Week 16 Matchups of 2010 NFL Season have a few other key match ups, but these are the most important for the week.

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