2010 NFL Week 9 Betting Odds

Entering the 9th week, the 2010 NFL Week 9 betting odds will provide players with solid Monday night play, another six teams on their bye week, and a few easy wager lines available. The 9th week of the NFL may have already begun to secure some teams in the playoffs. These betting odds will be heavily dependent on how the first eight weeks ended, with injury reports being relatively important depending on how many people have taken a serious blow. The 9th week is likely to provide exciting opportunities for bettors and fans alike. You will see several essential games in these betting odds, games that could shape the rest of the regular season.

Using the NFL 2010 Week 9 Betting Odds will let you interact with several key games. Miami will take on Baltimore, the rivalry between the Steelers and the Bengals will resume on Monday night, and the Colts will take on the Eagles. Dallas will also be playing to take on the Green Bay Packers. The Broncos, Jaguars, Rams, Titans, Redskins, and the 49ers will all be taking their bye, with the Broncos and the 49ers returning to the States to take their week off. This is one of the final bye weeks, so there will be a few less 2010 NFL week 9 betting odds than the 11th week and beyond.

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