2010 NFL Week 1 Betting Odds

Hot off the press we have the 2010 NFL Week 1 betting odds. The preseason is over, teams are beginning to acclimate to their new players, and the full force of the first season of the most popular sport for USA players has arrived. Your wagering on the 2010-2011 NFL season will likely begin with this week, and some easy bets could theoretically come from this first week. Expect some of the spreads to be high, some totals to be low, and relatively easy decisions through some of the games. Favorites and underdogs alike will have relatively standard odds, more than likely, and upsets could be very profitable to the bettor taking advantage of the NFL 2010 Week 1 betting odds.

Going into the first week of the season you will see that the Lions are on the road. Knowing that they have lost every road game in the last season, betting trends should be fairly easy to read for this game. The Vikings will take on the defending Super Bowl champions, Atlanta takes on The Steelers, and these represent some of the biggest games of week. Eyes should also be on Dallas and the Redskins, while the Colts and the Texans also have their respective odds set for the beginning of the season. Due to some teams having to adapt to new players and the fresh start to the season, the 2010 NFL week 1 betting odds are amongst the easiest to over come.

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