2010 NFL Week 4 Betting Odds

The fourth week, the 2010 NFL week 4 betting odds, include the first series of teams receiving their bye week. As such, the betting options will be slightly cut short. Four teams are not playing this week, and those teams will include the Cowboys, the Vikings, the Chiefs, and the Buccaneers. As with every week, there are only a few major games, though all of the games will have betting lines associated with them. We will have the odds posted as soon as they come up, and if they are already up you will see the spread, the total, and the money line. Regardless of which of these major three betting types you wish to utilize, we promise that there will be odds available.

One set of betting odds to look at is that of the Redskins and the Eagles. Their rivalry will culminate this year when Donovan McNabb returns to his previous team's stadium wearing the Redskins uniform. Also look for the battle of the big guns, Baltimore and the Steelers. This game is likely to be intense, and both sides will be battling the odds in order to see who will take victory. New England and Miami will also begin their competition. The odds on this week are likely to be favorable in many aspects, and bettors should hit the best USA sportsbooks as quickly as possible in order to prevent the opening odds from changing due extenuating circumstances. Once the 2010 NFL week 4 betting odds are out, they will be available here.

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