2010 NFL Week 7 Betting Odds

The bye week downtime continues into the 2010 NFL Week 7 betting odds. The 7th week means we are approaching the half way mark of the season, and most of the teams have already solidified their roles in the league, new players and all. The Lions, the Texans, the Colts and the Jets will all take their breaks for the week, receiving their bye and taking a week of rest from the games. The Monday night game will pit the Giants against the Cowboys in Arlington, Texas, which should prove to be one of the b est games of the week, fortuitously placed as the Monday night game. Barring any significant injuries to major players, this should be a relatively exiting week, considering the fact that one of the best and one of the worst teams are currently on their bye.

The NFL 2010 week 7 betting odds include one game that fans want to see on general principle - the Vikings versus Green Bay. This should be an interesting game due to the rivalry that has erupted between the Vikings and the Packers. The Favre factor is one that caused drama last season, and a rivalry between the teams came out because of it. The Monday night game between the Giants and the Cowboys will allow for some early week betting, and the Patriots/Chargers game should also make for some good football and even better odds. If you are a member of any of the USA online sportsbooks, run with the 2010 NFL Week 7 Betting Odds and make your way on the betting lines.

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