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2009 NFL Playoffs

2010 nfl playoffsWhile the 2009 NFL Playoffs brings football fans some of the best games of the year, they do signify the beginning of the end of the NFL season... sad times. The NFL Playoffs consist of 4 rounds of games, played over a 5 week span that determines the champion of the NFL season. Everything culminates in the Super Bowl, one of the most popular sporting events in the World.

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Super Bowl XLIV Preview

February 7th, 2010 - Super Bowl XLIV @ Sun Life Stadium, Miami, Florida

new orleans saintssuper bowl xlivimdianapolis colts

NFC Champion (15-3) New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts (16-2) AFC Champion

Well boys and girls, this is what it all comes down to. Super Bowl XLIV will decide who takes home the NFL Championship crown, and it promises to be great game. This matchup is only fitting as both the Colts and the Saints were the best teams throughout the season, as each went deep into the season before taking their first losses. The Saints in Week 14, and the Colts in Week 15. Both these teams enjoyed home field advantage, but must now leave the comfort of their domes to make their way down to Miami for the big enchilada.

peyton manningThe Indianapolis Colts enter Super Bowl XLIV coming off a win in the AFC Championship over the scrappy New York Jets and the best defense in the NFL. Things started slowly for Manning and company, however the Colts would get things going their way just before halftime. From that point on, it was all Colts, the Jets never scored again. The victory gave Indianapolis their second Super Bowl berth in four seasons. Should the Colts win this game, the word 'dynasty' may start to be kicked around. Currently, the Colts come into this game favored by 4 1/2 points. One of the biggest advantages for the Colts may be that they've been here before. Prior experience should play a factor at least in the early going.
Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Odds

drew breesThe NFC Championship was anything but easy for the Saints. They'd been on a collision course with the Vikings and Brett Favre all year, and the two finally met to decide the NFC Super Bowl representative. The action on the field was nothing less than Super Bowl caliber, as the game had all the hype, as well as the setting. Favre and Brees led their teams effectively, however it was the Ole' Gunslinger that faultered by throwing across his body, which lead to an interception in the final seconds of a tied game. The turnover cost the Vikings an attempt for a game winning field goal and a berth to Super Bowl XLIV. This is the Saints' first trip to the Super Bowl ever, and one may wonder if they're ready for the big stage, as first time teams are likely to faulter.
New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Odds

Read the full Preview of Super Bowl XLIV & learn about Super Bowl Betting Odds on the game:
Historic Super Bowl Betting Lines Favor Indianapolis Colts

Keep checking back here for the latest Super Bowl XLIV News and SB XLIV Betting Lines. All the interesting prop bets should be released leading up to Super Bowl Kickoff.

2009 Playoffs Results

Conference Championships
1/24/2010 - New York Jets 17 vs. Indianapolis Colts 30
Preview | Recap
1/24/2010 - Minnesota Vikings 28 vs. New Orleans Saints 31 OT
Preview | Recap

Divisional Round
1/16/2010 - Arizona Cardinals 14 vs. New Orleans Saints 45
Preview | Recap
1/16/2010 - Baltimore Ravens 3 vs. Indianapolis Colts 20
Preview | Recap
1/17/2010 - Dallas Cowboys 3 vs. Minnesota Vikings 34
Preview | Recap
1/17/2010 - New York Jets 17 vs. San Diego Chargers 14
Preview | Recap

Wildcard Round
1/9/2010 - New York Jets 24 vs. Cincinnati Bengals 14
Preview | Recap
1/9/2010 - Philadelphia Eagles 14 vs. Dallas Cowboys 34
Preview | Recap
1/10/2010 - Baltimore Ravens 33 vs. New England Patriots 14
Preview | Recap
1/10/2010 - Green Bay Packers 45 vs. Arizona Cardinals 51 OT
Preview | Recap

NFL Playoffs Structure

afc wild cardnfc wild card playoffsThat first week of the playoffs, the NFL Wild Card Playoffs round, is reserved for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th seeded teams from each conference, the 1 and 2 seeded teams do not play. The 3 seed plays the 6 seed, and the 4 seed plays the 5 seed. Whichever teams win those games move on to the Divisional round of the playoffs.

nfc divisional playoffsafc divisional playoffsFor the NFL Divisional Playoffs matchups, the 1 seed plays host to the lowest remaining seed, and the 2 seed plays host to the other remaining team. At the conclusion of those games, the lowest winning seed will host the higher winning seed in the Conference Championship games.

afc championshipnfc championship gameOnce NFL Conference Championship week rolls around, the NFL Playoffs have definitely gotten very serious. Each conference, the AFC and NFC, has their own game to determine which team will represent the conference in the Super Bowl. Typically, the AFC and NFC Championship games are the best of the year. The urge to make it to the Super Bowl really drives players to improve their game.

2009 NFL Playoff Participants

The 2009 NFL Playoffs will consist of 12 teams, 6 from each conference. Among them are the 4 division winners, from each conference, along with 2 "Wild Card" teams which have the next best records to the division winners.

How The NFL Playoffs Work

Most tournaments/playoffs feature 8, 16, 32, or 64 teams making for a nice and easy tournament structure. Since the NFL Playoffs only have 12 teams, there is a bit of an imbalance. To even it out, the top 4 teams, 2 from each conference do not play in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

2009 NFL Playoff Seeding
American Football Conference National Football Conference
1 Indianapolis Colts New Orleans Saints
2 San Diego Chargers x Minnesota Vikings x
3 New England Patriots x Dallas Cowboys x
4 Cincinnati Bengals x Arizona Cardinals x
5 New York Jets x Green Bay Packers x
6 Baltimore Ravens x Philadelphia Eagles x


Finally, when the Conference champions are determined in the 2009 NFL Playoffs, they meet in the Super Bowl, the biggest American sporting event. More people watch and pay attention to the Super Bowl than any other program that comes on during the year. It super bowl xlivcomes with great hoopla and is a spectacular event. Whoever wins the Super Bowl is the NFL Champion, hands down, no debate. The Super Bowl takes place 2 weeks after the completion of the conference championships and is always held at a neutral site. This year, Super Bowl XLIV will be held in Miami, FL.

NFL Playoff Betting

nfl playoffsBetting On The NFL Playoffs is huge too! Every sportsbook that took bets during the regular season is going to have NFL Playoff Betting Lines. These are the most watched and focused upon games of the the year. It only makes sense that Betting On The 2010 NFL Playoffs would occur when watching these games. Below are some of the top NFL Sportsbooks which will have lines on all postseason games.

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