2010 NFL Week 3 Betting Odds

The onset of the 2010 NFL Week 3 Betting Odds will provide bettors with a few easy decisions, a few tough ones, but all in all a very riveting week of football. Since the bye games start the week after this, the third week is going to be the only full week of football until the 11th week. For serious bettors, this is of vital importance. The best USA sportsbooks will be covering each game with a variety of lines, and we have decided to host easy access to the money line, the spreads, and the total scores. Parlays could also be considered for this week due to the nature of the games. While the NFL 2010 Week 3 Betting Odds could change prior to the game, we are sure that oddsmakers will remain consistent with these odds. As always, a major injury could be a heavy determining factor in these events.

A few vital games will take place based on the 2010 Week 3 NFL betting odds. The Cowboys will visit the neighboring Texans to battle for dominance of the Lone Star State. Atlanta pays a visit to New Orleans, and the southern teams will duke it out with appropriate odds. The Jets game against the Dolphins could also prove to be fairly pivotal. Green Bay and Chicago will also test their mettle with one another. The Giants will clash with Titans to see who can add a "W" to their record and perhaps make the bettor money. Oddsmakers will use trends and the past two weeks in order to determine who they think is the favored and who the underdog. Keep your eyes on the 2010 NFL week 3 betting odds, as even if your team is not set to play a favorable opponent, there is always money to be made.

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