2010 NFL Week 8 Matchups

By the time the 2010 NFL Week 8 Matchups roll around, oddsmakers will have a good idea as to which teams may be serious contenders to make the playoffs, and which ones are not. The middle of the year however still presents teams with the opportunity to make a push, as there is plenty of times to turn things around, or continue to build wins. Full betting lines and betting trends for each games on the Week 8 slate will be available to you on our matchups page. In addition to that, the poll for which team you believe will win Against the Spread will be available, and a sense can be gained for which other people see the outcome going. A preview for all of the games in the 2010 NFL Week 8 Matchups will be available to ensure that our match ups page covers everything full circle.

Some solid games will take place in the Week 8 of the 2010 NFL Matchups, that include Green Bay playing the New York Jets, and an inter-conference match up between Minnesota and New England. Another intriguing match up in Week 8 will be the Pittsburgh Steelers against the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. The Week 8 Matchups in the 2010 NFL Season have some of the most anticipated inter-conference match ups of the entire season.

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