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The formulation of NBA odds is based purely on speculation. In the NBA, these speculations stem from the statistics from the previous games, and in some cases certain players performances. Points scored per inning, as well as steals and assists, are one of the major bases of the construction of NBA odds. Star players on a team also add quite significantly to the odds and point spread. Typically, the lower the number, the better the odds the team will win, and subsequently the lower the pay out should you place a bet. Higher numbers represent the underdog, and the lesser judged team grants higher rewards.

Odds are constantly fluctuating, this is particularly true when it comes to odds on NBA games. As with the butterfly flapping its wings in Europe causing a typhoon in South East Asia theory, the slightest change in a line up or team conditions can drastically alter odds. A team's odds can change every game in a series, particularly during the playoffs or finals. A snapped ankle, a sprained wrist, or a severe concussion can easily shift odds from a favored team to an underdog. The NBA odds are a direct representation of the pay out per dollar you wager. Take a look below and you will find that we have listed all of the latest NBA basketball odds that are available to us.

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NBA Basketball Odds
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