2010 NFL Week 16 Betting Odds

With one more week to go, the 2010 NFL Week 16 Betting Odds are the penultimate wager lines. Time is running out in the regular season, with only 32 games remaining. While there are still an enormous number of betting lines available, many teams have already been dropped from the possibility of playoffs, while others will have to meet exacting specifications in order to stay in the games. There are going to be very few chances for some teams, as there are likely to be some teams to that have to see other teams lose in order to advance. The NFL 2010 Week 16 betting odds are some of the last chances for wagering in the regular season, and we advise bettors to hit the USA online sportsbooks as soon as possible in order to stay in the game.

The betting odds surrounding the big games of the week include the Minnesota Philadelphia game, the Giants in Green Bay, and the Saints at Atlanta. Monday night will cover the Saints/Atlanta game, and this will be an exciting night of football to kick off the work week. The Giants, if they have not already sealed a spot in the playoffs, will be working hard in order to overcome the Packers and make their way into the playoffs. The Saints may already be ready to enter the playoffs, and they may not be playing starters against the Falcons. With the 2010 NFL Week 16 Betting Odds, bettors will have many options for their wagering.

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