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2009 NFL Week 3 Previews

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The 2009 NFL Week 3 Preview has some intriguing story lines as teams will start to show their identities after two weeks of play. Will teams off to slow starts be able to bounce back and rebound with a win in Week 3? Which 2-0 teams will be able to continue their hot starts and stay undefeated? There are some games that will have a big impact on early positioning within the divisions. Will Cleveland be able to overcome the vaunted Baltimore defense? Can the Jaguars or the Texans position themselves for a playoff run in 2009? Will a healthy Carson Palmer and a rejuvenated Chad Johnson manage to lead the Bengals to a win over the Super Bowl champion Steelers. The answers to these questions will give us an early look as to how some of the divisions will shape up as the NFL 2009 season moves on.

NFL Week 3 features three exciting Quarterback match ups with unique story lines to each of them. Matt Ryan will get a chance to face off against Tom Brady in a battle of teams with high hopes for the 2009 season. Ryan was Rookie of the Year a season ago and showed he has the tools to be a future star in this league. Brady is returning after missing the 2008 season with injury and has become the NFL's top Quarterback in most expert's minds. Can the young QB from Atlanta out dual the veteran Pro Bowl QB from New England? The Bears are thrilled to welcome QB Jake Cutler to Chicago and there is hope he can return them to a Super Bowl contender. Seahawk fans are thankful to have a healthy Matt Hasselbeck back at Quarterback this year. The return of Hasselbeck and the arrival of Cutler set up an interesting match up when these two meet in Week 3. The Colts Peyton Manning and the Cardinals Kurt Warner will face off and we should see offensive fireworks when they battle in Week 3. These are two veteran Pro Bowl Quarterbacks who's teams have high expectations for the 2009 season.

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Sunday September 27, 1:00 pm - Washington Redskins @ Detroit Lions - The Redskins get back on the road in week 3 and, get an opportunity to get a road victory early in the season.  The Redskins improved defense should pose considerable problems for a young Lions offense.  The Lions offense has improved in the last two years but, but have a second year wide receiver Calvin Johnson, a second year running back Kevin Smith and, a first year quarterback Matt Stafford.  The Lions will need a few more years before they can count on home games for wins. Washington Redskins vs. Detroit Lions Preview

Sunday September 27, 1:00 pm - Green Bay Packers @ St. Louis Rams - The Packers lost there first game of the season in week 3 last year at home against the Cowboys and, hope to avoid that fate this year.  Though the McMullen Dome in St. Louis can be a hard place to pull off a road victory though.  The Rams will showcase a run heavy offense that could produce problems for the packers defense.  Look for the Packers to get a loss in week 3 again in 2009. Green Bay Packers vs. St. Louis Rams Preview 

Sunday September 27, 1:00 pm - San Francisco 49ers @ Minnesota Vikings - The Minnesota Vikings get their first home game of the season week 3 after traveling to Cleveland in week 1 and Detroit in week 2.  The Vikings started last year 0-2 before getting their first win in week 3, they want another win this year in week 3 but hope it doesn't come with another 0-2 start.  The Vikings should give the fans a win in their first home game as the 49ers are not know for stopping the run, and the Vikings love to run. San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings Preview 

Sunday September 27, 1:00 pm - Atlanta Falcons @ New England Patriots - Last years Rookie of the year Award went to Falcons starting quarterback Matt Ryan.  Ryan now gets a chance to show case his talents against the leagues best passer in New England Patriot Tom Brady.  This week 3 match up against the Patriots is the first road game for the visiting Falcons.  After two consecutive games at home to start the 2009 season, look for the Falcons to get shell shocked against Tom Brady and Randy Moss of the New England patriots. Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots Preview 

Sunday September 27, 1:00 pm - Tennessee Titans @ New York Jets - The Titans lost only 3 games last year, the first of which came in the hands of the New York Jets in week 12.  The Jets had three time MVP Brett Favre on their team last year and won that game in Tennessee with his on the field play.  The Jets have rookie Mark Sanchez starting at quarter back this year, a far cry from Brett Favre.  Look for the Titans to return the favor in 20009 claiming victory against the Jets in New York. Tennessee Titans vs. New York Jets Preview  

Sunday September 27, 1:00 pm - Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles - The Chiefs started the 2008 season with three straight home games and still managed to start the season 0-3.  it wont get much easier for the Chiefs who get an early road start in 2009 taking on the Eagles heavy passing defense.  The Chiefs might have added some weapons to their offense with quarterback Matt Cassel but, the Chiefs defense will need some help against the Eagles Offense.

Sunday September 27, 1:00 pm - New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Buccaneers start the first 3 games of the season against NFC East power house Dallas Cowboys in week 1 and the New York Giants in week 3.  Both games come at home for the Buccaneers but, home field advantage might not be enough against these two teams. New York Giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview

Sunday September 27, 1:00 pm - Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens - The first division match up in week three comes in Baltimore as the ravens take on the Browns in an AFC North match up.  The Browns have not fared well against the Ravens in the past and don't look to do any better this year.  The Browns still have quarterback issues and this week 3 game against the Ravens might end Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson's run at the starting job. Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens Preview

Sunday September 27, 1:00 pm - Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans - The second division match up comes from the AFC South, The Jaguars take a trip to Texas in week 3.  The Jaguars looked like they were going to turn their season around in week 3 last season, beating the colts by 2 points in indianapolis.  That was one of only 5 wins last year for the Jaguars, however the Jaguars did beat the Texans in Houston the very next game last year.  Look for the Jaguars to pull off another away victory against Texans in 2009. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans Preview

Sunday September 27, 4:05 pm - New Orleans Saints @ Buffalo Bills - The Bills get back to back home games in week 2 and week 3.  The Bills will have to be ready for a high scoring affair against the Saints who ended the 2008 season top 5 in all passing categories.  Sounds Like Terrell Owens kind of game,  Owens will have a field day in the Saints suspect secondary.  The Bills hold off the Saints at home with just a bit more defense. New Orleans Saints vs. Buffalo Bills Preview

Sunday September 27, 4:05 pm - Chicago Bears @ Seattle Seahawks - This week 3 match has the potential to be the best game of the day.  The Bears improved their offense with the addition of Jay Cutler and were able to sustain the same defense.  Still the Seahawks have a good record at home in the last 5 years and, The Seattle fan base will help them win another one at home. Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks Preview

Sunday September 27, 4:15 pm - Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers - Dolphins surfaced in 2008 as a team not to be undermined.  With the new wild cat offense becoming more and more effective the Dolphins look to surprise a few more teams in 2009.  The Chargers wont be one of the surprised teams as they lost to the Dolphins last year 17-10 in week5 in Miami.  This game is on the west coast but, unless the Chargers add a bit of wild cat into their own offense the Dolphins might pull off the victory two years in a row. Miami Dolphins vs. San Diego Chargers Preview 

Sunday September 27, 4:15 pm - Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals get their first shot at beating the Superbowl champs in week 3 and, it might be their only chance as the game is played in Cincinnati.  The Bengals lost both meetings against the Steelers last year.  The Steelers might to prove to be to much for the Bengals feeding off of their Superbowl success from last year. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals Preview 

Sunday September 27, 4:15 pm - Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders -  The Broncos take their new head coach and new offense to the west coast in week 3.  The Broncos will have to win games like this one against the Raiders in 2009 if they want to make it to the playoffs.  Believe it or not this years raiders might be too talented for the Broncos. Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders Preview 

Sunday September 27, 8:20 pm - Indianapolis Colts @ Arizona Cardinals - Colts visit the Cardinals in Arizona week 3 and both teams love to pass the ball.  Both teams love to give up the past as well, this game has the potential to be a high scoring contest.  The Cardinals are thriving off of last years Superbowl success and the Colts are thirsting to regain some success themselves.  It's a coin toss on who wins this Sunday night game. Indianapolis Colts vs. Arizona Cardinals Preview 

Monday September 28, 8:30 pm - Carolina Panthers @ Dallas Cowboys - The NFL scheduled a great Monday night game in week 3 of the 2009 NFL football season.  Both the Panthers and Cowboys alike are favorites to make a playoff push in 2009, some critics even have the Carolina Panthers representing the NFC in the Superbowl.  The Cowboys would love to see themselves in the Superbowl in Miami at the end of the season but, they will need to prove they can beat teams such as the Panthers to accomplish that task.