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Minnesota Vikings are a Top Favorite to Win the Super Bowl in 2010

NFL News - August 22nd, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

Acknowledged online sportsbooks such as Bodog have released odds all on 32 NFL teams chances to win the Super Bowl. The Minnesota Vikings are one of the top ten teams with the best odds to win the Super Bowl this season. Bodog has The Vikings listed at 15:1 odds to take home the Title in 2009, but do they have the talent and motivation to pull it off?

Adrian Peterson is the factor behind the Vikings chances to win the Super Bowl this season. Peterson is with out a doubt the most talented running back in all of football, and if he can produce similar numbers as last year, the Vikings will have a strong chance to win it all. However if Peterson even experiences even a minor injury in the regular season it could compromise the Vikings plan for a Super Bowl ring. The Vikings first round draft pick Percy Harvin, could possibly relieve some pressure form Adrian Peterson shoulders in the run game. It is not yet decided what position Harvin will line up at, but most think it will be a combination of receiver and scat back. The Vikings also have Chester Taylor on the depth chart at running back, and Taylor was originally the starter before Peterson was drafted.

The largest news controversy fallowing the Vikings this year is with out a doubt Brett Farve signing with the team. Farve adds a big play ability to the Vikings offense that has lacked a passing game in recent years. Farve is also a reliable third down possession quarterback, and completing passes on the third down is a good way to keep Adrian Peterson on the football field. Compared to last year with the Jets, Farve will be asked to produce much less for greater success. One of the best defenses in the NFL is a good offense, and the Vikings will have a chance to own the time clock all season long.

Defense wins championships in the NFL, and if the Vikings want to win the Super Bowl and in the 2009 NFL Playoffs, they will need to play great defense. With the way the Vikings played defense last year, it should no be difficult to duplicate the same success. In 2008, the Vikings ranked 6th in the league in yards allowed per game, 1st in the league in rushing yards allowed per game, and 4th in the league in total sacks. With numbers like this, the Vikings ranked in the top ten in almost every defensive statistical category in 2008. The defensive line is stacked on the Vikings football team, and their pressure to get to the quarterback is key to their dominance. It will be an exciting year for the Vikings football team in 2009, so place your wagers now and fallow the Vikings as they battle for the Super Bowl.

*1/18/2010 Update*
The current Super Bowl Odds for the Minnesota Vikings stand at 4 to 1 according to odds listed at Bodog Sportsbook. As of today, the Vikings are just 2 wins away from the Super Bowl Championship. With games against the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship, and a possible matchup with the winner of the New York Jets/Indianapolis Colts game in Super Bowl XLIV the Vikings are close enough to taste it.

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