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bodogNothing is quite as fun as watching two people knock each other in the head for an extended period of time, and Boxing, as well as Boxing Betting, brings us this form of entertainment quite exquisitely. Boxing has its roots as far back as civilization goes, having allegedly originated in ancient Sumer. Professional boxing has evolved to what we see today. Modern boxing took its roots in London and spread into America, gaining popularity between the 40's and 50's.

Most professional bouts are limited to ten or twelve rounds, though novice matches typically only span four or less. A fight continues until one fighter is knocked unconscious or rendered incapable of defending himself due to injuries. Rules to keep the combatants safe were imposed after the accidental death of a boxer. In the event that neither pugilist hits the canvas or gets technically incapacitated, a scoring system is upheld by judges to determine the winner. Draws are not entirely unheard of in boxing, but is an unlikely outcome, at Legal USA Sportsbooks, when Betting On Boxing.

Boxing matches are organized by weight when it comes to Sports Betting For USA Players. The most common weights are the heavy, middle, and light weight. Weight limits can go as low as no more than 105 pounds to as much as above 200 pounds. This allows matches to be more evenly handicapped for Boxing Betting. Heavyweight champions are typically the "undisputed champion," as it is recognized that a lightweight could not stand up against a heavyweight, regardless of skill level.

Boxing Betting TypesBoxing betting takes two major forms. Futures are not really an option as betting lines are only opened briefly before the fight takes place. Straight bets and Props bets are the two types of wagers you will see in Boxing Betting at USA sportsbooks. Straight bets are simple enough and entail placing money on a fighter to be the winner. Props bets are a bit more difficult. The usual proposition bet is placing a wager on how many rounds will elapse before a fighter is declared the winner, and this usually coincides with a straight bet, in a sense, as you typically have to choose the winner and in how many rounds he will own the opponent.

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Best Boxing Betting Sites


For all your Boxing betting needs, BetEd is a great place to start. BetEd grants the ability to bet on all major sports as well, utilizing an expansive number of money lines. They cater to all of the major sports as well as some less common sports. Money lines they accept include, but are not limited to, props, futures, parlays, straight bets, and teasers. They accept many USA Sportsbook Deposit Methods like VISA and MasterCard as well as money transfers and bank wires as their deposit methods. Using the promotional code IDB1 grants you a 15% match bonus to $250 dollars with a 5x roll over rate. You are also entitled to a 5% or 10% reload up to $250 dollars at the same roll over, with the percentage being dependant on your deposit method. BetEd has an informative site that can help you make wise bets and in turn extra cash. They will take care of you with their customer service department if you ever encounter any issues, and process pay outs quicker than you could assume. Visit BetEd


Bovada is the premier sportsbook for all of your Betting On Boxing Matches. They not only have an elaborate sportsbook that can take bets on any sport you can conceivably think of, but also an online poker room and casino for those who wish to spend money in that route. They host every imaginable money line and do their best to keep their odds and information as current and up to date as possible. They have a useful customer service team that will get you started or keep you going, depending on your needs. Any Boxing betting enthusiast would be glad to choose Bovada as one of their Best USA sportsbooks, especially after seeing their match bonus. They offer a unique, low rollover rate of 1x on their 10% match bonus up to, well up to anything - they have no limit. Bovada is where a lot of us place our bets, so it would be wise to check them out and give it a spin. Visit Bovada

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