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More often than not, the novice USA sports bettor doesn't know about all the different Sportsbook Betting Types available. Knowing is key, and it also helps you win your bets. Changing the bet type is a great way to make the odds work in your favor, or against it, depending on what you are looking to do. When you improve your odds, your payouts do go down, and the opposite is true, for when you decrease them.

Use our help, and we will educate you about all the different Sportsbook Wager Types that you have in your arsenal. Learning these different types of wagers will benefit you, and if used right, can win you more money, more of the time. Take a look at the brief descriptions. For more information visit the individual Sportsbook Bet Types.

Straight Bets - The most common of all sports bets. USA sports bettors can wager on the point spread, during quarters, halves, or entire game. USA Sportsbooks have straight bet odds at 1 to 1. Most of the time, the sports betting site will charge 5% or 10% juice on straight bet wagers.

Money Lines - A great way to boost your winnings, or to protect your money, depending on how you use it. Place wager on the outcome of the game, regardless of point spreads. Bet the underdog, and your bet will pay better than 1 to 1. Take the favorite, and your odds decrease from 1 to 1.

Total Bets - When betting the over/under or the totals, you aren't betting for one team in particular. Either you are cheering for points or against points, depending on which side of the line you are on. Odds on total bets are generally 1 to 1 minus the juice. Available at all Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players.

Parlay Bets - With this Sportsbook Betting Types, you combine 2 or more teams, in a single bet. Each one is dependent on the others to win. All your teams must win or push, in a parlay, to win. The more teams you pick, and how you bet them, really boosts the payouts to as high as 8000 to 1.

Buying Points - Change the line of the sporting event, by buying points for your team. When you buy points, USA Players can move the line closer to even, increasing odds and decreasing payouts. For the underdog, it means they can lose by more, or for the favorite, they can win by less.

Future Bets - These bets are generally made before the season starts, but do sometimes take place during. These bets give odds on predictions of teams, players, and other events. Odds for these typically pay better than 1 to 1, unless something is considered to be a lock. Longshots pay big.

Fantasy Betting - If you have a favorite player, or know matchups really well, then Fantasy Betting is for you. With these Wager Types you bet on a player's individual stats. For example, the bet might be Over/Under- 78 yards rushing for New York Giants RB. Usually pays 1 to 1 minus vig.

Prop Betting - A good way to have fun with betting is to put money on Entertainment and Political Prop Bets. USA Players will be able to put money on such events as popular reality television shows, and current events, such as things in the political realm. Odds varies depending on field.

Pleaser Bets - Works like a parlay, except for the line, in every game you pick is altered. Depending on the amount of the pleaser, usually between 6 and 7 points, that is how much more the favorite must win by, or how much less the underdog can lose by, versus the normal spread.

Teaser Bets - Teaser Bets allow USA Players to alter the lines, on a parlay, into their favor, by 6, 6 1/2, or 7 points. Favorites can win by less, and underdogs can lose by more, with Teasers. Teasers are done with 2 or more teams. Pushes the odds into the player's favor.

If Bets - Place bets on multiple teams. The key is that one game is dependent on the one bet before it. Win your first bet and then your original bet, and payout from the win, will be put on the next game. You can lose a leg of an If Bet and still win money. Learn more about If Bets in our Betting Type Reviews.

Sweetheart Teasers - Works just a like a teaser, in that you select multiple teams, while decreasing your odds, except for a Sweetheart teaser is either 10 or 13 points against the line. These really boost sportsbook payouts, but Sweetheart Teasers are extremely tough to win with.

Best USA Sportsbooks Offering Straight Bets

bookmaker sportsbook

Get some of the best Sportsbook Bonuses for USA Players, when going with BookMaker for USA Sports Betting. Depending on the bonus you choose, you could earn a maximum of $500 with either a 10% or a 20% match bonus, when making your first deposit. Choose whichever one you want, but the 10% bonus has a 3x rollover and the 20% bonus has a 5x rollover. To get in on this bonus, make sure you use the bonus code USAPLAYERS. Also, BookMaker has a reload bonus good for $500, with a 10% match. Make easy deposits whenever you use any of the sportsbook deposit methods accepted at BookMaker. USA Players can use Money Orders, VISA/Mastercard, EwalletXpress, JCB, 900Pay, American Express, PICClub, Bank Wire, Bank Draft, and Wire Transfers. Visit BookMaker

bodog sportsbook

Deposit bonuses are limitless when you go with Bovada Sportsbook, for your sports betting. Make your first deposit and get an additional 10%, 1x rollover, which can then be used to wager on sports. Bovada offers USA Players many different Sportsbook Betting Types to help find your bet. As far as the Most Trusted USA Sportsbooks go, Bovada is it. Every one knows the name and I can assure you that they didn't get to the top by not paying out. Also, not just an online sportsbook, Bovada features one of the best USA Casinos, as well as a top notch poker room. You can also bet on horse racing, in Bovada's racebook. To make deposits at Bovada use EwalletXpress, 900Pay, American Express, VirtualPin, and VISA/Mastercard. Visit Bovada

dsi sportsbook

One of our Best USA Sportsbooks which also has all of the Sportsbook Wager Types for USA Players, DSI is the choice for all American gamblers. Bet on games from all major leagues including MLB, NBA, NFL, UEFA, NHL, NCAA Sports, Boxing, MMA, Golf, Tennis, and more. DSI also features Political and Entertainment Prop Bets. New players making their first deposits are eligible to gain up to $500 free, with a 10% or 20% sportsbook match bonus. 10% has a 3x rollover and the 20% has a 5x rollover. Enter Sportsbook Bonus code, USAPLAYERS, to qualify for bonus. DSI accepts many USA Sportsbook Deposit Methods which includes American Express, VISA/Mastercard, JCB, 900Pay, iPoint, PICClub, EwalletXpress, Bank Wire, Bank Draft, Wire Transfer, and Money Orders. Visit DSI

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