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Golf has been around since some time around the 12th century, or at least in a form that is similar to the modern way it is played. Golf is a game in which players move about on a maintained field with varying grasses, employing clubs named woods, irons, and putters. Golf is one of the few sports, most specifically ball games, that does not use a standardized field, with each course being unique and made of nine or eighteen holes. Due to its popularity, PGA betting has been more common in previous years than ever before.

The object of golf is to move a ball from one end of a course to another, ultimately putting it in a hole using less strokes than set on for the course. The maximum number of strokes that should be taken is called the Par. Anything more than Par is referred to as a Bogey. Golf is one sport in which a lower score is invariably better, which coincides with typical odds when betting on the PGA. While there are many forms of playing golf, the ultimate goal is to put the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible.

There are two basic forms of golf, as well as a variety of spin offs, that are played regularly and in tournament format. The Best USA Sportsbooks always have bets for both varieties of golf matches. In Match play, two players or teams square off with each other and play each hole as a separate competition. The pair with the lower score wins the hole. If both teams tie, the hole is to be "halved." The game is won by the group that wins more holes. If one team pulls so far into the lead that the remaining holes could not bring the losing team to at least a tie, the game is declared over. Stroke play is the accumulation of points from each hole over the entire course. The player with the lowest score at the end is the winner. This is the most commonly played format of professional golfers, which in turn has the highest instance of PGA Tour Betting. Betting On Golf Majors The major golf championships, or "the majors", are the four most regal of all yearly tournaments for professional golfers, and as such Betting Golf Majors has become a lucrative line of bets. The majors consist of The Masters, the U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. The Majors are like what a Caesar's Palace is to USA Casinos.

5dimesThe Masters Tournament is the first of the four, and takes place during the first full week in April. The Masters Tournament is the one golf tournament that is consistently held in the same location every year. Jack Nicklaus has won the most Masters Tournaments out of any professional professional golfer. A Green Jacket is awarded to the winner, which must be returned after a year. Masters Betting can range from betting on the winner to betting on the point spread.

The U.S. Open is the second of the four Majors and and is scheduled that the final round is always played on Father's Day, or the Third Sunday in June. U.S. Open Betting is one of the most common golf bets made. The U.S. Open shifts courses on which it is played, but they always choose one to place emphasis on difficult drives. They also choose particularly long courses for the U.S. open, with large amounts of open rough.

The Open Championship, or the Open, or the British Open, is the oldest of the four Golf Championships. It is the only major held outside of the USA. The Open takes place each year on one of the 9 historic links courses in England or Scotland. You can find British Open Betting at all of our Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players.

The PGA Championship is the golf season's final Major tournament, the culmination of all of the others. It has been nicknamed "Glory's last shot." Winners of the PGA Championship are automatically invited to the other three Majors for the next five years. They also get the priveledge of being exempt from qualifying for the PGA championships for the rest of their lives. Betting on the PGA Championship can be an amazing cash crop for experienced bettors.

Skins Game Betting

A subsidiary golf format is The Skins game. A skins game is one in which each hole is treated as a separate game. 4 players compete on each hole. Should any 2 of the 4, tie for the lowest score, on any given hole, the hole is tied, and carried over. One player can win every skin, that carries over, by being the lowest, on the next hole. Prize money in a skins tournament is applied to each hole, giving players a more flexible path to financial victory. It is best to learn each format before doing any Betting On PGA as the type of game you are betting on could easily affect the outcome of your wager.

PGA Betting Types
For the most part, all of Golf Betting is done by placing future bets, before tournaments start. Simply pick the winner, before the tournament begins. Most USA Sportsbooks even have bets, that run during the tournament. The PGA Tour Betting odds are always changing, from round to round, so be sure to stay on top of it, as the tournament progresses.

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