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Association football, or soccer, is one of the most widely played sports in the entire world and Soccer Betting is also a big part of that too. Said to have been federated at least 100 years ago, soccer has maintained a strong hold on the sporting world. Soccer betting is amongst the most common type of bets made in USA sportsbooks. Soccer's ultimate event, the FIFA World Cup, is held every four years and captures more viewers world wide than the Summer Olympic Games. It has been recorded that there are at least two times as many viewers spectating the FIFA World Cup as there are the Summer Oylmpics. It is estimated that 715 million people watched the 2006 FIFA World Cup, which is a 9th of the total planetary population.

Soccer is played on a rectangular field with goals in the middle of each of the ends. Players are entitled to use only their feet, legs, and head to manipulate the ball, with the only exception being the goal tender who may use his entire body. A match consists of two 45 minute periods in which players must score as many goals as possible. When Betting On European Football the game doesn't necessarily end at the end of regulation. There is a brief period of time, injury time, which only the officials on the field know how long it is. In elimination tournaments, a draw is unacceptable and requires the game to move into either a 15 minute overtime period or a shoot out.

Betting On UEFA League Championship The Union of European Football Associations, or UEFA, generates a lot of revenue from Sports Betting For USA Players. They are easily the most prestigious soccer cup competition in European football. The initial format is 32 teams participating in a round-robin tournament in which each team plays every other team. This creates great potential for UEFA betting and in turn major income potential. The 32 teams are then divided into 8 groups and the top two teams from each group proceed to the round of 16. This commences the knock-out tournament. For this event, group winners play against the runner ups in the group. In the quarter-finals and onward, the bracket is randomized. The final is typically held in the later weeks of May.

Betting On The World CupSoccer Betting comes to a head when the World Cup arrives. The World Cup, while not as massively watched as the Super Bowl, still receives an impressive amount of attention - especially for World Cup Betting. The World Cup is a long event which teams enter pools, and qualifiers, to see who advances to the next round. This event brings the World together as nations represent their teams, so see who has bragging rights for the next 4 years.

Soccer Betting Types Betting On Soccer can take several forms. For the most part, different nations have their own subsections on online sportsbooks that accept USA players. Each subsection contains the numerous teams that may be playing at that given point. Props bets take the form of betting on each half, team to score first, or player to score first. The latter of the props bets usually have unnaturally high odds, and can garner huge cash pay outs. Futures can run as many as four years in advance if you decide to try to bet who will be in the FIFA World Cup. Straight bets remain the most simple, and point spreads, while difficult to judge, can produce large amounts of cash through Soccer betting.

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