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College Basketball is rising in popularity every season. NCAA Basketball Betting is rising in frequency just as much as the game itself is becoming more and more commonplace in homes around the nation. This burgeoning line of bets is proving lucrative for some players, and just entertaining for others. No matter what you hope to gain, College Basketball Betting could have something for you. With the annual change of names and players, some spectators find College Basketball more interesting than the NBA itself. Personally, I'd rather sit at USA Casinos, than to watch other forms of basketball.

NCAA Tournament Betting

The College Basketball Season is not entirely unlike the NBA's. Sixty-five teams qualify for the tournament played during March and April. NCAA Tournament Betting is huge, and there are only 3 weeks, out of the year, so don't miss your opportunity when it comes. Each conference has a tournament that leads to the final tournaments. The Ivy League is exempt from this and does not hold a post-season tournament - they receive an automatic bid into the tournament. After selections are made, a bracket is drawn up. The tournament is a single elimination format, leading to unpredictable results. A team having a bad day that is statistically worse than the team they are playing could oust a high-seeded team from the tournament. The last two seeds, 64 and 65, play the first game to see which one will actually stay in the whole tournament.The Final Four is one of the most well known championship series out of all sports, and Final Four Betting is a reoccurring theme amongst USA sportsbooks towards the end of each season.

NCAA Basketball Betting TypesDifferent types of money lines make Betting On College Basketball incredibly diverse at sites with Sports Betting For USA Players. Straight bets are quite basic, and entail simply choosing which team will be victorious. Point lines and Spread lines can make the game quite interesting indeed. A spread is a wager based on how many points the winner will win by, or the loser won't lose by. Example being the Pistons will win by three or the Knicks will lose by more than four. Point lines are similar, but are based on how many points the winner will have at the end of the game over all. Proposition bets, or props, add a twist to the game that could potentially yield great riches. The most common proposition bet is that of the period bet. A period bet is an estimation of how many points a team will have scored in any given period. This can let you bet numerous times on one game. Conversely you have Parlays - Parlays let you bet on several games on one ticket, garnering huge rewards. The draw back is that if one of your teams loses, the whole Parlay is wasted. Small bets, however, can turn in to big bucks using parlays. Futures are an interesting type of bet. Futures are bets that are placed on something way down the road, usually something that can be grossly affected by a myriad of variables (e.g. preceding games, injuries, and so on) that could make your bet completely worthless. It is a very wise choice indeed to look into all possible outcomes and statistics before Betting On NCAA Basketball, should you not want to needlessly squander money.

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Best NCAA Basketball Sports Betting Sites


Bovada is one of the most commonly used gambling sites on the web, as they offer an online poker room, sportsbook, and casino. Their impressive sportsbook will cover all of your NCAA Basketball betting, and indeed any sport you choose to place a bet on. They carry it all - MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. Less common sports and foreign oddities are also included. They take all of the best money lines, and have some terrific prop bets for you to enjoy. They host some of the most favorable odds and offer great pay scales. They return money too you swiftly and usually remain flexible in how they will disburse your money to you. One of their best features, however, is their impressively low 1x rollover on an equally impressive deposit bonus, numerically speaking. They offer a 10% unlimited match with, as we have already stated, a 1x rollover. This is a rarity amongst the Best USA Sportsbooks. Enjoy all of it as much as you can, as Bovada will never disappoint. In the event you do have an issue, their customer service department will promptly resolve it and return you to a comfortable level of play. Not but pleasure could surely come from the wonderfully crafted Bovada. Visit Bovada


Bookmaker is a terrific online sportsbook. They will handle all of your College Basketball Betting and then some. They remain one of the most versatile USA sportsbooks on the web and have a long running reputation of dedication toward their players. To prove this dedication, they offer a flexible deposit bonus as soon as you walk in the door and a reload bonus to keep you going beyond the first bet. The initial deposit bonus is a 10 or 20% match up to $500 dollars at a 3x or 5x roll over, respectively. On all of your subsequent deposits you are entitled to a 10% reload up to $500 dollars at the same 3x rollover. They handle financial transactions with the utmost ease, taking any stress you may feel at other Legal USA sportsbooks out of the equation. They accept a huge slew of deposit methods to make things easy for all players. Credit Cards may be used for instant deposits and these include MasterCard and VISA, as well as American Express, Diner's Club, and JCB Card. Bank wires, wire transfers, and personal checks as well as money orders are the banking methods they will use as deposit options. iPoint is also a viable deposit method to make things smooth. Pay outs are processed swiftly and can usually be returned to you in the same method you employed when making a deposit. They host every major sport as well as some of the more uncommon ones. They take straight bets, props, parlays, point lines, futures, and some odd types of bets that you may have never even heard of. Bookmaker is one of the hottest online sportsbooks that accept USA players available. Visit BookMaker Sportsbook

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