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Betting on the NBA is rising in popularity at USA sportsbooks along with betting on Basketball in general as a whole. The National Basketball Association, or the NBA, is responsible for the organization, marketing, and promotion of the major basketball teams in America. NBA betting takes place all throughout the season, before the season through NBA future betting and NBA props betting. The NBA has spawned the irreversible popularity of Michael Jordan, "Magic" Johnson, and Larry Bird. Having created such a backlash in the sporting world, NBA is one of the four major sports played in the USA.

Two conferences comprise the NBA, each with three divisions as subsections to the conference. In the regular season, each team plays every other team, regardless of conference or division. Subsequently, eight teams from each conference advance to the playoffs, bringing with them increased excitement. The NBA finals are amongst some of the most watched sporting events in the nation, leading to increased NBA betting at the hands of those gamblers who would visit USA online sportsbooks.

Betting On The NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs begin in late April and leave the chance open for some great NBA betting. The top three division winners make up the top three seeds, with the fourth seed going to the team with the next best record. The next four seeds are distributed to the proceeding teams with the next best records for the season. NBA playoffs betting garners a large amount of attention from gamblers nation wide. The playoffs employ a tournament format, with each team playing their rival in the seven game style. Four games must be won for the team to advance to the next round. Betting on the NBA playoffs increases in frequency over the course of each series played between teams. Seventh games are not entirely uncommon, and are perhaps the most exciting. After the playoffs comes the NBA Conference Finals. Four teams advance from the playoffs into the Conference Finals, where in the final two teams to play one another will be decided. Futures Bets typically stop at this point, as the NBA finals are right around the corner, and is the culmination of the postseason. NBA betting shows more definitive odds around this time.

Betting On The NBA Finals

The year comes to a head when the NBA Finals arrive. The NBA Finals, while not as massively watched as the Super Bowl, still receives an impressive amount of attention - especially for NBA betting. As with the playoffs, the winner of the NBA finals is they who would win at least 4 out of 7. The highest seeded team, usually the favorite in NBA Finals Betting, will take the home court in games one, two, six, and seven. The seventh game may or may not take place, depending on how the first 6 games went. It is not likely to know if you will be reaching game seven before game six, leading to one of the last NBA future bets you could place before the series is out, or even an NBA props bet, depending on the USA online sportsbook.

NBA Betting TypesProposition bets, or Prop bets, are one of the major classifications of NBA basketball betting. Props bets typically revolve around something small happening during a game or outside of the game, rather than the outcome of a match itself. NBA props betting can range from something as silly as how much tickets may cause, or how many times a player might fall, to something slightly more serious such as the highest scorer for the day or which team will score the most points out of all teams playing that particular day. Some NBA props betting can take the form of sucker bets. Sucker bets are betting lines sportsbooks create with a red herring to detract away from what the actual outcome is bound to be. An example of this is when bookies created the betting line where the presumed prediction was who would post more points - Charles Barkely or Howard Eisley. Chances are if a prop bet looks too good to be true, than it usually is. Care should be taken when placing a props bet, and is not where one would put his or her entire nest egg into one basket (pun most definitely intended).

Future bets, or futures as some will call them, are bets taken much earlier on than circumstances would permit. NBA Future betting can take the form of guessing what teams will be in the finals before the regular season is even over, or what a player will be doing in the next year. NBA Future betting requires either you to not care about the wager or to have a very analytical mind capable of processing minute details into a grand scheme portrait of where the teams, players, and points will fall into play. These bets can be a fun way to break the monotony of your normal NBA betting, but should not ever be considered a cash crop.

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