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Tennis is becoming a popular event to bet on at USA Online Sportsbooks, but world wide tennis competes with only one other sport, and that's soccer. Most fans hesitate to place wagers on tennis because the tournament style of play that all events are constructed under make it harder for each tennis player to win consecutive matches. Instead of worrying about cheering for one tennis player to win a match and ruin your afternoon when he or she is down two sets after one hour of play, place wagers on tennis prop bets as you may find more success.

Tennis prop bets consist of all types of fun methods for wagering on individual tennis matches. Such bets include a wager on which of the to tennis players will serve the most aces or even a tennis prop bet in which individual players will have the most unforced errors. Prop bets like this can make a tennis match much more enjoyable to watch as the nail biting outcome of the winner does not determine if a prop bet will pay out during a Tennis match. Use these methods of betting to enhance your love for tennis even further. Trying to guess the over or under on a players total number of aces in a match can help a sportsbook bettor learn more about tennis and that individual player.

Prop bets on tennis matches can also use the combined number of stats from both players involved in the match it's self. For instance a tennis prop bet could consist of the over and under of the length of time in a match or the over and under of the amount of total combined number of aces for both players. Remember that prop bets are designed to be placed as a form of entertainment, and not always to be placed with the idea that they pay out on a high success rate. Though most prop bets come with great odds to win and are an exciting form of bet to place bets, the knowledge of past tennis events does not always indicate a successful pay out at the end of the match.

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