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Business Prop bets are, with out a doubt, the most exciting and maybe the most outrageous bets to place through an online sportsbook. Business prop bets are exceptional ways to place bets on events other than sporting events. For a long time, players at USA Online Sportsbooks have gained off of making wagers on all types of events other than sports. In the last few years the action has risen in popularity.

Business prop betting lines can consist of anything from will Microsoft, News Corp or, Google acquire Yahoo this year the price at which New York Times will sell Business prop bets can get far more outrageous than that, with bets such as Odds on the next "Meet The Press" Host, odds on the Blackberry Blackout, betting odds on the potential Verizon I-Phone deal, and even odds on the next fugitive the FBI will capture. These types of betting odds can get a little steep, and some business prop bets can take up to a year to be confirmed.

Business prop bets can be a fun way to make money and stay up to date on local current events at the same time. Prior knowledge and historical facts often do not provide enough information to make a accurate selection on certain business prop betting lines and odds, so try not to think every bet is going to pay out all the time. Prop bets on business that do pay will pay well. Place your bet, settle back, and enjoy watching your bet play out.

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BetED has expeditiously become one of the choice online sportsbooks that players use when placing wagers on events other than sports. BetED will take wagers on other events, such as Business prop bets, all year long, allowing players the chance to bet on all competitive events. BetED is credited as a leader in customer service relations and deposit bonuses. They offer all new members a 15% deposit bonus up to $250 on first deposits and a 10% bonus on reload deposits up to $250. Check out BetED today and become a member of the fastest growing online sportsbook. Visit BetED