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A really fun to way to place bets on favorite boxing matches is to bet on Boxing Props. Betting on these props can make watching a boxing match more enjoyable than you can imagine. Depending on the site, there will be some different types of boxing betting props for you to bet on. When betting on boxing props, you are not concerned with who will win the actual fight. A common type of boxing prop bet is whether each fighter will win by knockout or not. The two fighters will each have a posted line set before the fight on whether they will win by a knockout or not. If you bet on a fighter to win by knockout, then they will have to knock their opponent out in order for you to win the bet. If the fighter you bet on wins by decision, you would have not win your prop bet.

Another type of Boxing Prop Bet found at most USA Online Sportsbooks is which fighter will get the first knockdown in a fight. Each fighter will have a betting line set for them before the fight. If a fighter is listed at -150 to get the first knockdown of the fight, you would win $100 if you had placed a $150 boxing prop bet. Even the fighter goes on to lose the fight, you would still win your bet. This can be a great way to bet to place as it will make the beginning rounds of a boxing match much more exciting for you to watch. From the opening bell you will be on the edge of your seat hoping that the fighter you have bet on will knock down the opponent first, winning you your bet. Boxing prop betting offers you a way to enjoy the fight more than you normally would.

You can also place a Boxing Prop Bet on a fighter to win the fight by decision. This works the same as the other prop bets. There are Boxing Prop Betting Lines and Odds attached to both fighters on them winning the fight by a judges decision. If the fighter you bet on wins the fight by stoppage or by a knockout then you will lose your bet. Betting on this type of boxing prop will have you rooting all fight long for each fighter to make it through every round. You will be tuned in to every round with great interest, making your betting experience truly thrilling.

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