NASCAR Head to Head Betting Lines And Odds Online Sportsbooks NASCAR Betting Odds

NASCAR Head-to-Head betting lines are match up based wagers. All online sportsbook allow players to place bets before the start of any NASCAR race event. Online sportsbooks will match two drivers in a race and the player has the chance to select which driver of the two will have a better race. All race drivers compete against each other in NASCAR head-to-head match ups. In most race events, the online sportsbook will match up two race car drivers at random. Thus, the player does not have the chance to match the drivers themselves.

If a player wants to wager on a NASCAR head-to-head match up at USA Online Sportsbooks, the key is to look over all 20 match ups and find that one match up that has the best chance to win. Often times the match ups will consist of, for example, Jimmie Johnson against Ryan Newman. The wager does not just take into account who places better in the race, but rather different statistical elements are also added in with the goal of determining the winner. Also, If one of the drivers in the match up does not start the session (race) or finish the session with an official round time, then the bet becomes void. If at least one of the two drivers does not start the race, then the wager becomes void. If both drivers do not classify then the driver with the most completed laps will win. If both drivers have the same amount of completed laps, the wager becomes void.

NASCAR head-to-head match ups are an entertaining way to watch a NASCAR race event with out worrying about all 40 or more drivers on the race track. Only the two drivers that are in a players selected match up matter, to win a successful pay out on a head-to-head NASCAR bet. Remember to place head-to-head bets as a form of entertainment, Though the match ups are often even, NASCAR races usually have more than one car wreck and a wreck can change all bets. NASCAR is fast becoming Americas favorite sport to place wagers on, scroll down below and check out some of USA sports most used online sportsbooks for NASCAR betting.

Bovada - 20% to $100 Match Bonus

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Bovada has now become the forerunner in the online sportsbook industry and has some of the best NASCAR head to head betting lines and odds. Recognized as a leader in online poker play, Bovada has also taken over the sports betting world. Bovada offers betting lines on all four major American sports, and now takes wagers on every NASCAR race event, including betting methods such as selecting a driver to win or head-to-head match up NASCAR wagers. Bovada is one of the most used online sportsbooks and they would love to have you as a member, so join up today. Visit Bovada

BetED - 15% Up To $250 Match Bonus

nascar head to head betting lines and odds

BetED, revered amongst online gambling sites, is an established contender in the sportsbook market. BetED accepts all wagers on every NASCAR race event, including Exotic betting methods such as NASCAR head-to-head match ups. Become a member of BetED today and receive a 15% match bonus up to $250 on first deposits and a 10% bonus on reload deposits. So visit BetED today and start placing wagers on your favorite NASCAR drivers. Visit BetED


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