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College Football Futures are simply a way of placing bets on what you predict will happen before the upcoming season, but not always. Often, Online sportsbooks offer odds that run throughout the season on many different varieties of bets. Basically, you are putting your money where your mouth is and showing your friends how much you know about college football.

Typically, NCAA Football Futures consist of betting on odds to win the BCS Title, Heisman betting odds, predicting conference winners, and others. As mentioned earlier, these bets are usually made before the season, while all bettors are seemingly on equal ground, however, sportsbooks for College Football Betting update these odds as the season goes. Obviously the better a team looks as the season goes, the better their odds to win become. Some people prefer betting in season simply because it gives them a chance to handicap the teams. Either way, bettors should be able to get their wagers in.

The reason that Future Bets on College Football are so popular is because they tend to pay out exceptionally well. It's not uncommon to have a team with 20 or 25 to 1 odds to win the BCS Title. In 2009, Alabama was at 22 to 1 to start the season which paid out large when the Tide downed Texas. It is possible to get odds like that because there are so many teams in contention for the title. There are many different possibilities so there can be long odds for a team to win it all.

So, who do you bet on? Most times, those who bet on College Football Future Lines tend to bet on their favorite teams. They have even more rooting interest to see them win. Others are the sports handicapping person who fancies themselves as a college football prognosticator. They tend to look for value bets and usually place a few bets on different teams. Rarely does the favorite win, so going outside the box can be a good thing when betting on NCAA Football Futures.

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