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College football game lines can get a little outrageous in some weeks, but that's what makes college football one of the best sports to bet on at one of the USA Online Sportsbooks listed. Often times when top 25 NCAA college football teams play opponents not in the top 100, game lines can max out over 30 points to win. Only in college football though can a team score more than 30 points over their opponent in a victory. If you consistently like to place bets on top 25 ranked teams, expect to see some of these high game lines during the 2009 college football season.

If a line for a college football game is -17 points, that indicates that that specific team is favored to win by 17 points over their competitors. Meaning for you to collect your winnings after selecting a team to win by -17 points, that team must win the football game by more than 17 points. Often times high point spreads can deter players away from placing bets on certain games, but remember the pay out when taking the point spread is much more lucrative than a straight up bet to win. Becoming well acquainted with point spreads early in the season can help win placing bets later in the college football season.

College football lines can play in ones favor when placed the right way. Don't forget - you can also pick a team at +17 to win the game if you think that team wont lose by more than 17 points. Essentially, if you select a team at +17, that teams begins the football game with 17 points all ready on the scoreboard. In many cases picking a team at a positive point spread can make all the difference in winning that bet. Just remember that when selecting a team to win with a positive point spread will decrease the pay out amount for that bet. Be sure to take your time when placing bets as College football can host up to 50 individual games to wager on every weekend.

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