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The WNBA may not be the most popular sport, but they association is seeing a rising trend in spectators. Earlier in the WNBA career it was hard to sell tickets and find reliable cities to host teams throughout the season. Times have changed and the WNBA is fast becoming a favorite sport on which online sportsbook players will place wagers. With only 13 teams in all of the WNBA and only 35 games for each team to play all year long, betting on WNBA Basketball game lines can be a bit selective. The WNBA season is a little easier to win bets on as the league is divided unfairly with some really good team and the rest bad teams.

Just like with regular NBA betting methods, USA Online Sportsbooks allow many types of betting options for each individual game. The first option is, of course, a straight up bet in which the player selects one team to win the contest. That team must win the WNBA basketball game out right for the wager to pay out. The next method of betting on WNBA games is the point spread game line. A point spread game line on WNBA basketball means that the favorite team to win the game will start the game at, lets say, seven points behind. This means that for this wager to pay out, the team the player has selected to win the game must win by at least eight points.

Point spread WNBA betting lines usually contain the best odds for lucrative pay outs. Remember that even though a point spread game line will pay out more than a straight up wager, it is much more difficult to win. A third option for game line bets during the WNBA season is the Over and Under bet. A sportsbook will set a combined score of lets say 146 points. The player now has the option to select whether or not the total combined score for both teams will be Under or Over the given 146 point amount. Over and Under wagers are a fun way to watch a WNBA basketball games with out worrying about the winner of the event for a nice pay out.

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