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College baseball is a sportsbook players fantasy. With teams all over the country in all different conferences, online sportsbooks can offer as many as 15 or more college baseball lines on which to bet daily. Wagering on college baseball is a fun way to still root for your team while wining money at the same time. Online sportsbooks offer bettors the chance to wager on college baseball games in two ways. The first is to select a team to win a baseball game Straight Up. This means that your team must win the game in order for you to win the bet.

The other method commonly used by online sportsbook players is called a point spread bet. A game line, or a point spread, means the team you have selected to win the baseball game must win by a certain amount of runs. Often times the common number used by USA Online Sportsbooks for a point spread is -1.5 runs or +1.5 runs. If you select the underdog to win the game, that means your team will start the baseball game with a 1.5 run lead over the other team. This means if your team loses the college baseball game by 1 run, the wager you selected still pays out as your team will have won by a .5 a run. If a player selects the favorite team to win at -1.5, this means that that selected team must win the baseball game by at least 2 runs.

Point spread wagers come with a higher pay out rating than straight up bets, so if you are feeling confident about a certain team, don't hesitate to place a point spread college baseball bet as the pay out will be more lucrative than a straight up bet. Another kind out of the College Baseball Betting lines is the Over and Under bet. Sportsbooks will set a total number of points scored at 10 runs. The player now has the option to pick whether the total number of points scored by both teams will be Over or Under that 10 runs at the end of the game. This is a fun way to watch and bet on a college baseball game without worrying about the winner of the game determining the out come of a sports wager.

Best Online Sportsbooks With College Baseball Betting Lines

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