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After deciding the game and the team on which you want to place a bet, the next decisions lies within what type of wager you would choose to play. One of our favorite bets is an NCAA Football First Half Bets. Many players often want to pick their favorite team or the team who will for sure take victory, but may remain hesitant on the final outcome of the game. A college football half time bet is a unique way to bet on a team with out selecting them to win the entire game. If you know your team wins most first halves, then this first half college football bet is the wager for you.

In order to collect winnings on a College Football First Half Betting Lines and Odds, the team you select in the wager must simply have more points at the end of the first half than their opponent. In other words, you are selecting a team on the basis of whether or not you think they can win the first half of the football game. In many cases this type of wager is beneficial if one selects a home team that is an under dog. Most home teams fare well in the first half but can't hang on to win games against more talented teams for a full 60 minutes. This type of scenario is a perfect example of how to place a college football halt time bet.

Most players like to place bets on hunches or their favorite teams. When placing a College Football First Half Bet, it pays to take other factors into consideration. Factors that should be considered are home field records. For instance, a team like USC wins at home almost every game, so taking them in the first half is a good bet. Also opponent records are worthy of consideration, as FSU wins most games at home but have a terrible record against certain schools, like UF, so taking them in the first half of a college football bet is not always the best idea, even if the team plays at home. Keep in mind that when placing a college football half time bet, take outside factors into consideration. An NCAA football first half bet is still a great way to win a wager without your team winning the entire game. Try it out the next time you visit USA Online Sportsbooks and place a wager on a college football first half bet.

Best Sportsbooks For NCAA Football First Half Bets

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Bovada is, without a doubt, one of the leading online sportsbooks. They offer every type of sports wager for every sporting event available. If you are looking to place a college football first half bet for the first time, Bovada will help by pointing you in the right direction. Bovada also offers a deposit bonus -  a 20% to $100 match bonus with a 1x rollover. Check out the next time you want to place a college football first half bet. Visit Bovada

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BetED has some of the highest quality betting action out of the online sportsbooks accepting USA players. BetED offers players opportunities to place wagers on every type of sporting bet available as well as every sporting event going on at the time. BetED has quickly become one of the leading sportsbook venues, mainly due to their deposit bonuses. BetED offers deposit bonuses that include 15% match bonus up to $250; 5X rollover (Instant Check, Money Transfer, Credit Card) as well as a 10% up to $250 reload at the same 5X rollover (Instant Check, Money Transfer). BetED is also one of the leading online sportbooks due to its deposit methods which include VISA, Master Card, Money transfer, and bank wires BetED delivers some of the hottest NCAA betting action, so use their service if you are interested in making any bet related to NCAA football. Visit BetED


Top NCAA Football Sportsbooks USA Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses Rating Visit
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Intertops Sportsbook Review 25% match to $100 VISIT
5 Dimes Sportsbook Review 50% match to $200 VISIT
BetED Sportsbook Review 15% match to $250 - IDB1 bet Jamaica 5 stars VISIT
DSI Sportsbook Review 20% match to $500 bet Jamaica 5 stars VISIT
BetJamaica Review 100% match to $100 bet Jamaica 5 stars VISIT
Bet Online Review 10%- 45% sliding match bonus Bet Online ranking VISIT
BookMaker Review 20% match to $500 bet Jamaica 5 stars VISIT