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Even though the Canadian Football League isn't recognized as being a premier form of football, Betting on Canadian Football League games still generates huge amounts of cash. The CFL doesn't get a whole bunch of attention because it is played in Canada, and therefore isn't broadcasted in the United States. Even with that said, many Americans still flock to USA Sportsbooks to place wagers on all of the different Canadian Football Betting Lines.

The game is played a tad bit differently north of the border. The one main difference is the size of the field. Instead of being the traditional 100 yard long field, the Canadian Football League plays games on a 110 yard long field which is 65 yards wide. There is much more space to cover in CFL Football games, something that should be considered when weighing the CFL Betting Lines. In addition, the end zones are 20 yards deep, instead of the traditional 10 yards. One more huge difference is the number of players on the field. Instead of 11, which is common in the NFL and NCAA Football, the CFL puts 12 players on each side of the ball. It makes sense, considering there is much more ground to cover.

If you are ready to place some action on any of the eight teams or 4 games each week during the CFL season, our USA Online Sportsbooks are the way to go. Since the CFL plays during a dead part of the sporting year, oddsmakers have CFL Betting Lines early during the week, just as with the NFL when the NFL is in season. Just like with the NFL, CFL Betting includes Futures, Straight Bets, Over/Unders, Props, and more. Be sure to check out our CFL Sportsbooks for all the Betting On Canadian Football you need.

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