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The NBA basketball season is a long season, as all 30 teams play over 80 games a piece. That is plenty of basketball to bet on though out the season. Most sportsbook players bet mainly on teams to win straight up or to cover point spreads, though if you are tired of waiting for the out come of the final score to determine winning sportsbook wagers, try a new type of bet during the NBA basketball season. Sportsbooks offer NBA basketball prop betting lines and odds throughout the duration of the NBA season.

NBA team props uniquely allow for players using USA Online Sportsbooks to bet on NBA basketball games without worrying which team will win or what the final total score will be. A NBA prop bet can consist of such wagers as which team will hit the most 3 point shots at the end of the first half, or which team will break 100 points first. These bets are fun because they allow players to wager on sports with out constantly being concerned about the final outcome of the game. In most cases any player can place a NBA prop bet on basketball, as sufficient basketball knowledge does not always determine success.

NBA team prop bets are a good way to stay entertained in any basketball game. Cheering for a team to hit just one more 3 pointer is sometimes more fun than biting your nails waiting for overtime to cover an Over bet. NBA prop bets are also a great way to place wagers on teams you are not so familiar with. Just remember that Prop bets are intended for entertainment purposes and do not always have a successful pay out rate.

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