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Placing bets on 3 Ball betting lines will make watching the first two rounds of a golf tournament much more enjoyable. In a typical golf tournament the golfers will be paired in groups of three for the first two rounds. 3 Ball Betting Lines are offered for the individual groups of three golfers for each of the two first two rounds of a golf tournament. This type of bet deals with only a single round of golf. There will be betting odds listed for each of the three golfers within a group. The bet is strictly based on which golfer will shoot a lower round of golf for the round in question. You will place a wager on a golfer before one of the first two rounds in a tournament. If the golfer you wagered on shoots a lower round than his two playing partners you will win your bet.

Golf 3 Ball Betting Lines are an awesome way to make the beginning stages of a golf tournament really fun for you. Many times casual golfing fans will not pay much attention to the early rounds of a tournament. Often they will not have enough interest to watch a golf tournament until the last round on Sunday. USA Online Sportsbooks fun 3 ball betting lines can make the first two round just as exciting as the last round of a major championship. You will have the opportunity to win some cash while also making the often boring first two rounds of a golf tournament really exciting for you to watch.

If you place a wager on 3 Ball Betting Odds and one of the three golfers in the group pairing that you wagered on does not tee off the bet will be void. No money will be won or lost in this instance. If the golfer you bet on tied with one of his playing partners for the lowest score of the three golfers you will win a portion of the money at stake. If two of the golfers tied for the best round, you will win whatever amount half of your wager placed would have won you. So if you had bet $100 on a golfer you would win whatever amount you would have won if he wagered $50 on that golfer. The remaining $50 will be lost.

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