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NBA Quarter Lines and Odds are an awesome way for NBA fans to get involved in betting on their favorite games. Betting on the quarter lines means that you are only dealing with the one individual quarter in which you bet on. The rest of the game is irrelevant in regards to your bet. When placing an NBA Quarter Lines bet, you can either bet on the point spread for that quarter or bet on the total points listed for the quarter. If you choose to bet on a team who is a 2.5 point favorite for the quarter and they outscore the other team by 2 points in the quarter, you will lose your bet. In that instance they would have had to outscore the other team by at least 3 points in the quarter for you to win your bet. Betting on NBA quarter lines has become immensely popular at USA Online Sportsbooks as it gives players four different quarters to place bets on throughout the same NBA game.

There will also be a listed total for the two teams for each individual quarter. For example, when Betting on NBA Quarter Lines that have the listed total as 48 points, you can bet on whether or not the two teams will score more than 48 combined points for the quarter. If you bet on the over for the quarter they need to score at least 49 points in the quarter for you to win your bet. In the case of the two teams combining to score exactly 48 points for the quarter you bet on, your bet will be a push and no money will be won or lost. Betting the point total in NBA quarter lines can be a way to make some good money. Make sure you check out how the two teams match up against one another whenever placing these bets.

Using NBA Quarter Betting Lines to bet is perfect for fans who can't stand waiting through an entire NBA game to find out whether or not they have won their bet. Betting on these types of lines allow you more opportunities to get in on the betting action. You might come across some games that you feel very comfortable betting on. Betting on the quarter lines gives you a chance to bet four different times during the game, potentially making you some serious money. With the option of betting on the point spread or the combined point total, betting on NBA quarter lines is a great way for fans to bet on their favorite NBA games.

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